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Prolander (Also known as 7v7) is a competitive format, promoted mainly by members of the Highlander community and RGL league's head admin, Sigafoo. The format aims to be a middle ground between 6v6 and Highlander, which encourages the players to not stick to a single meta and adapt to the opposing team.


Class Limits

Classes are limited as such :

Cannot be picked if an ally uses Heavy or Medic.

Weapons Bans

Even though it's a commodity before a match for both teams to go through a process of pick/ban to define which weapons will be banned or allowed, the leaders of the respective teams can also decide to not select their picks/bans. In that case, the default whitelist for the format is instead applied, with the banned weapons being as followed :


  • Primary

Soda Popper

  • Secondaries

Mad Milk


  • Melee

Fists of Steel


  • Secondary

Short Circuit


  • Primary


  • Secondaries



  • Secondary


  • Building

Red-Tape Recorder

Banned from the default whitelist and the pick/bans.

If the opposing teams decides however to go through a process of pick/ban, then the order is as followed :
Banning Wave N°1 : Away / Home / Away / Home
Picking Wave : Home / Away / Home / Away
Banning Wave N°2 : Home / Away / Home / Away

Gameplay Demonstration

History and Reception

The idea of Prolander was popular discussion in the Highlander community, and Sigafoo had began testing out matches in the said format. Originally, it was supposed to be a 6v6 variation, but then, it was later modified to a 7v7 format due to popular demand from the following playerbase behind it, and the TF2 community itself who shown interest in the format.

For now, the only league that hosts Prolander tournaments is RGL, and it became quite popular in the competitive community thanks to the sheer amount of regions the aforementioned league covers (North America, Europe and Australia) as well as the playerbase itself, which continues to grows as the format continues to be played on high-level tournaments.