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This article is for Competitive play, based on the Standard competitive format. For the generic article on this topic, see: Gullywash.
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Gullywash (competitive)
CP Gullywash 3.png
Basic information
Map type Control Point
File name: cp_gullywash_final1
Developer(s): Jan "Arnold" Laroy
Map Info
Environment: Desert
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Deep Water: No
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×16   •   Mediumhealth.png ×4
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×10   •   Mediumammo.png ×4
Map Photos
Menu photos cp gullywash final1.png

Gullywash_pro is the final version of a community map made by Arnold. The map has some interesting control points that have more than one tier, the middle point is a good example; Soldiers and Demomen can jump on the top of the point and start to capture it, Scouts and other classes that can't reach the top can also capture the point by standing close to the side.

The objective of Gullywash is to control all five capture points. Each team starts with their second and final control points locked, leaving only the middle point available.

Whilst not as popular as Badlands, Gullywash is still regularly played. It is a good map for utilities as there are many situations where they can be useful, a Sniper can be used during the middle battle and when pushing last for example, and Heavies can see a lot of use due to the small size of the map.


All place names are given from the perspective of defense as their primary name (in terms of left and right), except obviously for the middle control point.

Control Point 3

Big Door.

Because of the symmetrical style of Gullywash, each team share a similar landmark/location on their respective sides of the middle point. A popular method to counteract this is to add the prefix "our" or "their"

  • Big Door: This is where the heavy classes such as the Soldiers, Demoman and Medic will come out of normally. If the enemy team are running a Sniper, this is the normal place for them to stand, it allows them to be able to headshot people who are on top of, or near to the point.
  • Choke: The Demoman and scouts normally come out here, from here the Demoman can sticky up the point and Big Door, this means that the combo will take some damage getting onto middle or they will be unable to do so at all.
  • Below: This is what the area under the point is referred to, it stretches from the enemies Big Door, to your Big Door.

Control Points 2/4


The second point uses the same features that the middle point does, there are two tiers that can capture the point, the capture can be blocked if an enemy stands on either of the tiers. This point is very open with a lot of height advantage.

  • Upper: This is the high ground that the defenders can hold if they have Ubercharge disadvantage, it's akin to the Badlands Upper Lobby hold.
  • Flank: If Big Door is the entrance then this is the exit. It also leads into Lower Lobby.
  • Choke: If the team has its full compliment of heavies then they can hold choke, much like you would in Badlands.
  • Lobby: When retreating from the point teams quite often come through here, it has a medium health and ammo kit.

Control Points 1/5

This is the final point, utilities are quite often used to defend the point, a Heavy can push back any jumping Soldiers and slow down, and absorb any incoming Ubercharges.

  • Point: It's possible for a Heavy to stand on the rim of the point, the point is quite open and can be accessed from more than one direction.
  • Riverside: A small corridor that Demomen like to spam. It leads directly to the water.
  • Water: Even though there is no longer any water, it's still affectionately referred to in the same way. It provides another way to access the point.


Gullywash_pro and it's other iterations have been around for a while now and there have several strategies employed on this map.

Defending Control Point 3

Ubercharge Advantage

  • The team should be watching the enemies choke, the combo and the flank will be split up:
    • The Demoman should have a sticky trap up around Choke and can spam some grenades into the choke every now and then.
    • The Pocket Soldier and Medic should be holding roughly the same place as the Demoman.
    • The Roamer should be near the point, watching big door so that he can easily spam Big Door and move to help out the Scouts if necessary.
    • Both of the Scouts should be holding Big Door to stop the enemy Scouts getting past.

Ubercharge Disadvantage

  • The team should be holding near their choke ready to fall back when the enemy team push in with their Ubercharge.
    • The combo and Demoman should be watching the enemy Choke from their Choke.
    • The Roamer should stand on point in order to try and force the enemy Medic to pop his Ubercharge when he enters the middle.
    • The Scouts should still be holding Big Door.

Defending Control Point 2/4

Ubercharge Advantage

  • The combo and Demoman can hold Choke; the Demoman should have a sticky trap up near Choke.
  • The Scouts and Roamer should be watching Big Door.

Ubercharge Disadvantage

  • The combo should hold Upper, the Demoman should have a sticky trap near the edge of Upper to deter any Soldiers from trying to jump the Medic.
  • The Scouts need to watch Lower Lobby to make sure that the combo in Upper doesn't get flanked
    • The Roamer can also watch Lower Lobby or he can watch Upper, it depends whether the team has switched out a Soldier for a Heavy.

Defending Control Point 1/5

  • A heavy can make a good distraction and can protect the medic by knocking back any jumping Soldiers that the enemy sends in. The best place for the Heavy to be is on the rim that's just above the point.
  • The Soldiers need to be on the left hand side of the point.
  • The Demoman should be on the right hand side and be supported by the Scouts.
    • The Demoman should be watching Riverside and have a sticky trap up somewhere.


Video of the Demoman Rollout:

Video of the Soldier Rollout:


The standard demo rollout on Gullywash involves a static jump to the door, with a sticky jump to a door way off of the right wall outside of spawn. From there, walk out of big door or jumps over second depending on where he wants to enter. If you arrive through choke, you should fire a sticky at their big door to try to lock out their combo. If you arrive through big door you should fire on their choke.


The soldier rollout is simple. Jump off of the right wall outside of spawn, walk through main, and walk through big door. Once at mid you can either jump spire to take control, or bomb the demo for an early pick.