Pipebomb Launcher

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This article is about the scrapped Team Fortress 2 weapon. For the classic Team Fortress weapon, see Pipebomb Launcher (Classic).

The Pipebomb Launcher is a scrapped secondary weapon for the Demoman. It used the model of what would become the Grenade Launcher by release. The Demoman can be seen wielding it in Trailer 2; however, the weapon was scrapped for unknown reasons and replaced with the Stickybomb Launcher before the final release.

The Pipebomb Launcher fired bouncy pipebombs that would only be blown up on the player's command. The Grenade Launcher has an animation that is missing from the final game and presumably belongs to the Pipebomb Launcher, which shows that it can be charged up to launch a pipebomb over greater distances, similar to Stickybomb Launcher.

Judging by the fact that Pipebomb Launcher uses a Grenade Launcher model, it most likely shares a magazine with this weapon, like in TFC.