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Trainsawlaser main.jpg
Informações básicas
Tipo de mapa Rei do Pedaço
Nome do arquivo: koth_trainsawlaser_rc1
Versão: Release Candidate 1 (RC1)
Desenvolvedor(es): UEAKCrash
Link(s): Steam Workshop
Informações do mapa
Ambiente: Devtextures
Águas profundas: Sim
Perigos: Trens, serras, Lasers,
água ácida, bombas de abóboras,
tubarões trem, chuvas de trens e
chuva de trens com serras
Itens do mapa
Healthico.png Kits médicos: Smallhealth.png ×9  •  Mediumhealth.png ×3  •  Largehealth.png ×4
Ammoico.png Caixas de munição: Smallammo.png ×5   •   Mediumammo.png ×6   •   Largeammo.png ×3
Vista aérea
Trainsawlaser overview.png
Um culto suicida a uma entidade misteriosa conhecida apenas como "Deus Trem" foi descoberta em uma indústria de composto de materiais perigosos abandonada. Não temos certeza do que eles estavam fazendo ou por que eles estavam fazendo isso, mas sabemos que queremos o que é que eles têm. Os hippies sujos foram expulsos de sua terra natal para o deserto onde eles pertencem. A única coisa que resta a fazer é decidir qual equipe começará a reivindicar a instalação perigosa estranha como seu território. Red e Blu tomaram parte do composto como seu território, e cabe a você a atravessar seu caminho através de armadilhas mortais de um ambiente de trabalho e capturar esse ponto! Os hippies foram um tipo de incentivo na última parte, mas não importa. Assine esta forma de liberação…
— Sinopse da publicidade

Trainsawlaser é um mapa Rei do Pedaço localizado em uma indústria de composto de materiais perigosos abandonada. O mapa é cheio de várias armadilhas mortais, incluindo eventos aleatórios.

O objetivo do mapa é capturar o ponto de baixo do gerador elétrico. Quando este ponto é capturado por uma ou outra equipe, trens caem sobre áreas aleatórias do mapa, matando qualquer que foi atingido. Isso é sinalizado por uma das citações de alguém pensado ser o Deus Trem. "Eventos marcantes" tal como "Lucy in the Sky with Lasers", "Killgore" e "Choo-choo the Train Shark" são acionados a cada 100 mortes. Feitiços aparecem junto com eles, no entanto, a interface gráfica para ver qual feitiço que você pegou não aparece.

O mapa foi lançado originalmente para o Dia da Mentira de 2012 e mais tarde foi lançado publicamente por UEAKCrash nos Fóruns de TF2 Maps.

Temporização do ponto de controle

Pontos de Controle Multiplicador Segundos
Train Saw Laser ×1
6 ,000
4 ,000
3 ,273
2 ,880

Histórico de atualizações

Release Candidate 1 April 1, 2014
  • Completely revamped audio entity system, saving a lot of entdata. This should solve ALL server crashing issues and allow the server to run on 32 player servers smoother. This took many hours.
  • Restored missing kill trigger section for giant falling train event
  • Adjusted sentry nobuilds to cover most of the ramps leading up to mid
  • Changed a bunch of the spell books to rare spells
  • Changed milestone events so they will not repeat until all have been activated. PickRandom to PickRandomShuffle
  • Changed all minion audio lines to PickRandomShuffle as well to eliminate any repeats
  • Made electrical hazard into a big fat straight laser hazard, still on a random timer though.
  • Optimized lightmaps for smaller filesize
  • Increased Kilgore's movement speed
  • Restored a couple missing Kilgore lines
  • Removed ads
  • KNOWN BUG: Sometimes lines play when they are not supposed to. This is a side effect of how I had to change the audio system, and I'm not entirely sure if/ when it'll ever get fixed. It's worth it.

Beta 6 December 1, 2013

  • All kills on the map are now counted on the sacrifice counters.
  • Spells books now spawn along with milestone events. Unfortunately which spell you have isn't shown in the HUD. Good luck!
  • Drastically optimized kill counting logic.
  • Added fail-safe to sacrifice counter to prevent multiple long events happening simultaneously. If you reach another milestone while the current is still going it will wait until it is over before activating.
  • Dispensers are now buildable in the center area, but Teleporters and Sentry Guns are still not.
  • Lowered total required capture time to 5 minutes each.
  • Fixed a few minor visual issues.
  • Hopefully didn't break the map.
  • Removed rarely used awkward ramps at center
  • Created NAV file for bots and set it up so bots avoid hazards properly
  • Adjusted free uber rates in spawn rooms.
  • Optimized fucks given counter further.

Beta 5

  • Internal testing/ broken version

Beta 4 Fix September 28, 2013

  • Fixed the server crash issue
  • Drastically optimized entity naming
  • Removed wasteful entities (easter eggs, sorry!)
  • Cleaned up path_track usage
  • Reduced amount of lasers in laser walls
  • Optimized fucks given tracking system
  • Tiny Train Rain quantity reduced slightly
  • Fixed Choo Choo's intro lines playing over each other and one of Lucy's intros being too quiet
  • Removed flames next to point
  • Reduced volume of minions slightly

Beta 4 September 27, 2013

  • Over 12 minutes of new voice dialogue added.
  • Added sacrifice milestone events. Every 100 kills on the counter will trigger a random event. The KoTH timers pause for these events.
  • Choo Choo the Trainshark, Lucy in the Sky With Lasers, and Pastor Kilgore have been crafted to serve as minions of the one true Train God. They can be summoned by amassing a worthy amount of sacrifices.
  • Tiny Train Rain™ sacrifice event added.
  • Uber Train sacrifice event added.
  • Increased the random timer range slightly for the spawn courtyard trains. (Now it's between 10 seconds and 25, before it was 7 to 22.)
  • Blocked Red's detail area behind the laser wall.
  • Placed building blocking brushes around all hazards to prevent griefing.
  • Added detail to the floor of the center area to justify the building blocking brushes also placed over the area. Suck it, Engineers.
  • Added front railing to Sniper balconies... Also lasers.
  • Standardized hazard damage to balance higher-HP game modes (Saxton Hale, etc) Falling trains deal 5000 damage, crossing trains 2500, saws/ normal lasers/ sharks 1000, spawn laser 10000, roof acid does 30 per tick, side pit acid 10 per tick.
  • Refined fucks given counter tracking system. This should now be much more accurate.
  • Optimized particle usage in spontaneous combustion room.
  • Added drop-down under back-and-forth laser, going to the water.
  • Widened center laser's arc.
  • Tweaked Train Rain™ pathing to prevent it from staying in the sky when inactive. Not sure where this bug came from, but it's theoretically fixed now.
  • Further detailing around the map (Let me know if anyone has any framerate issues).
  • Bumped up the chance of getting an uber charge from the spawn room uber lasers by 200%.
  • 3d Skybox added.
  • Easter eggs! Look for them, bitch!
  • Added random-timed flame bursts next to control point, embedded in the ground. Random time between 30-45 seconds with a 5 second warning pilot light before a 4 second burst of flames that ignites players.
  • Added 7 new pumpkin-bombs.
  • Started optimization of lightmaps. (Decreases file size so I can cram more crap in)
  • Opened a couple roof areas up so you can jump over them. You are pushed off if you try to stand on them, however. Sometimes into saws.
  • Raised the minimum and maximum random time range for the center electricty hazard by 15 seconds each.
  • Removed a key strike location for the center electricity hazard.
  • Slightly widened the player clip on the horizontal saws to make it easier to grab the small health pack.
  • Removed moving saws on top of first buildings coming out of spawn. Not worth the cost.
  • Passing trains now have slight chance to go backwards.
  • Slightly moved two trains of the Train Rain™ to fix a bug where you could be killed in a safe area underwater.

Beta 3 April 24, 2013

  • Fixed out-of-map exploits. If you DO manage to get out of the map, it will now kill you. Balance has been restored.
  • Fixed a bug where you could block the spawn courtyard train's gates. This also kills you.
  • Raised the center point kill counter up higher to fix a few small issues.
  • Slightly reduced spawn times after capture.
  • Train Rain now happens on it's own after a set amount of time with no control point captures.
  • Fixed the missing Train Hit audio line ("Say goodbye to your train, wanker")
  • Added in two new Train Hit lines provided by Youtube commentator Sal! (

Beta 2 April 1, 2013

  • First Public Release


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