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 Pages Translated: 263

Nobody cares.

This page serves as a list of jan's translated pages.

However only pages that have been translated entirely (thus created) by me are counted here. Also see the symbol legend underneath.

--> ¹
>Marking an old and outdated page, that I have updated significantly enough to be featured here, and counted towards my total translation counter.
--> ²
>Marking a page created by me, but from one of my two old accounts (most usually paired with ¹).
--> ³
>Marking a page that is shared with another one, I'd just like to have them both here. The less significant one will have this number assigned and it won't be counted towards my translation counter (as of now, this is exclusively used for various medals).

(Additionally, templates, categories, redirects, disambiguations, lists and pages of such nature won't be counted).