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The Detpack is a weapon in the Classic Team Fortress games and is only used by the Demoman. It is an explosive device with a unique ammo type that creates an enormous explosion when it detonates. Unlike other weapons, the Detpack must be set by the player, leaving the Demoman vulnerable for a few seconds. The Detpack can be set to a five-second detonation charge or a minute-long charge before it detonates. Players can select a fuse length of 5, 20, or 50 seconds and set the Detpack via the Command Menu. More customization is available through Scripting.

Certain maps, such as Well and Warpath, have parts of the level that can be blown up, and in some cases sealed, by a Detpack. These give the user's team an alternate route that often has fewer enemies.

Enemy Scouts who touch a Detpack will disarm it instantly.


Killicon detpack (classic).png

The Detpack will kill everyone in the blast radius. The kill icon used in Team Fortress Classic can be seen on the right.

Quake Team Fortress death messages

Player1 reaches orbit via Player2's detpack.
— Player killed by Detpack
Player1 eats Player2's good cheer!
— Player killed by Detpack in Birthday Mode
Player set the detpack and forgot to run.
— Suicide


Update history

January 16, 2003 Patch (Classic)

  • Fixed bug where defensive Demoman could lay pipebombs/detpack in spawn room (on maps like Dustbowl) and kill offensive team when teams cycle to the next area.


  • The Quake Team Fortress Detpack model is a modified Backpack.
  • The Detpack probably appeared in Team Fortress 2 at early stages. Beeping sounds can be found in the game files. These were recycled and used for the pre-explosion Payload beep. This sound was also used in the Left 4 Dead series, as a sound for the Pipe Bomb.
  • Sometimes, when the detpack kills the Demoman while in range of a destroyable area, the destroyable area will not be opened. This may also occur if the Demoman is killed for any reason before the detpack goes off.