Meet the Sandvich

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Meet the Sandvich
Meet the Sandvich Titlecard
Erschienen: October 10, 2008
Länge: 1:06

"Das Sandvich stellt sich vor" Video Transcript


  • The video came with a description of the Sandvich, much like the other Meet the Team videos:
    • Name: Sandvich
    • Role: Edible Device
    • Weapons: Toothpick
    • Description: He was a good lunch who played by the rules, until the rules robbed him of everything he ever loved. Now he's lettuce, tomato, cheese, bread, and a mysterious slice of meat, marching down your throat and straight to hell. He'll satisfy your hunger. FOR REVENGE!
  • On the opening screen, at the bottom it says "Copyright OMNOMNOM", a reference to internet phrase 'OM NOM NOM', an onomatopoeic representation of the act of eating. (In every other Meet the Team video, the copyright is "Copyright LOLOLOL")
  • When Heavy eats the Sandvich at the end of the video, he appears to be standing in the same place as the Meet the Heavy video, where he fires his Minigun.
  • The "Sandvich Edible Device" blueprint advertises a health restoration of 120 HP, whereas in the game, it can restore up to 300 HP as a result of balance-related patches.