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The Scout is the fastest class and a great Flag and control point capturer, but has weak firepower. His low maximum health means that he needs to avoid direct combat, preferring circle strafing.



  • With his weapons being a single barrel Shotgun and slow and low damage-inducing nailgun, COMBAT IS NOT RECOMMENDED. The only times being to finish off an enemy or against another Scout.
  • With that said, always fall on back on your teammates when you need to get through enemy defense when it's too strong for you.
  • You shouldn't attempt to confront a Sentry Gun head-on, but if you can approach it sideways, you can take advantage of the Sentry Gun's slow rotation speed. Pop out of cover long enough to take a shot at it with your Nailgun (Classic), then wait about one second for the Sentry Gun to turn back to its default position. It is also possible to circle strafe a Sentry Gun, as it cannot turn quickly enough to fire at you. This is very difficult, however, and requires that you be as close to the Sentry Gun as possible.
    • Alternatively, you can simply run past a Sentry Gun that isn't aimed right at you, as long as you do not pass through the Sentry Gun's field of view.


  • As the fastest character, it's best to keep moving at all times unless you find a safe spot to rest and heal for a few seconds.
  • You still run a lot faster than any other class when running backwards, so if retreating, you can still backpedal while getting a few more shots in.
  • When running to the front lines, run into your teammates as a form of Spy check. The Scout has the ability to undisguise a Spy and earns a point in doing so.


  • Always jump when you're running to have a better chance at dodging enemies.
  • The Scout has the ability to use his Concussion Grenades to give him a great boost of air when jumping to get across the map incredibly fast and with little to no damage.

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