Anti-Scout strategy (Classic)

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•Scouts have low health pool and will try to stay out of sight. If you spot a Scout, communicate their location to your team.

•Scouts will attempt to flank their enemies, so be aware of your surroundings.

•Scouts are fast and excell at dodging projectiles. If your main weapon fails, don't forget that you have others!

•As Scout, wait until the enemy Scout reloads to start your offense, as they'll be unable to retaliate while doing so.

•As Soldier, gain the high ground for a strategic advantage. Also, shooting rockets at the Scout’s feet is highly advised, as it can severly limit their mobility.

•As Heavy and Pyro, Scouts are far from an issue. Your Minigun and Flamethrower can mow them down in mere seconds.

•As Demoman, your Shotgun can kill Scouts in three hits, although you can bring this down to two if you aim well.

•As Sniper, your nailgun excels at taking down Scouts.

•As Medic, don't be reluctant to get into a deathmatch with a Scout. All of your weapons can easily take care of one.