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The Spy is a class of trickery and deceit. Specializing in espionage and sabotage, he can backstab, Feign Death and disguise. Enemies performing Spy-checking should be avoided, and to escape suspicion, a little bit of acting on your part can go a long way. But with some skill and some luck, Spies can fool these Spy-checkers.


  • The outcome is never certain. While making a plan ahead of your attack is a good idea, the enemy movements will often be unpredictable, and will require you to change your strategy on the fly.
  • If you are discovered, run. You may be tempted to stay and fight, but unless you are only engaging one enemy with none of their teammates nearby, you will be swiftly killed by the enemy defence - you're not that durable and
  • Choose disguises well and make sure they fit the environment. While you're out on the front lines, disguising as a Soldier, Demoman, Medic or Heavy who will typically be seen out on the offensive. On the other hand, when you're in the enemy base, try to disguise as a Sniper, Pyro or Engineer depending on where you are in the base. While acknowledging so, try to disguise as a class which is easier to imitate. Don't generally disguise as a Scout, because you do not gain the speed boost and this will make you obvious, or as an enemy Spy, since many enemies will be suspicious of you and attempt to Spy-check you. Disguising as an Engineer is useful because the Engineer is a common Spy target, and the enemy team may try to protect you.
  • Avoid broadcasting the obvious signs of an enemy Spy, such as running against the crowd, throwing Hallucination Grenades, a Demoman standing nowhere near Pipebombs, an Engineer standing nowhere near buildings, or anyone just standing around doing nothing.
  • When disguised, enemy Sentry Guns will not attack you and you can use enemy Dispensers. Note that even while disguised, you can still be harmed or killed by an enemy Sentry if you are between it and its target. Sentry Guns will not cease shooting at a target that it has already locked onto, even if the target disguises after being targeted, unless there is a closer target or the current target breaks line-of-sight or leaves the Sentry Gun's range.
  • Snipers and lone Heavies are usually easy targets for newer Spies, due to their low speed and movement when concentrating/firing. Also, eliminating Snipers makes it easier for your team to move into the enemy base. Repeatedly killing skilled Snipers when they are not protected by their team is a good way to make them change class.
  • Avoid Scouts, Pyros, Medics and enemy Spies, as they all have methods of immediately exposing you as a enemy - if this occurs, you'll be splattered against the wall in seconds by the enemy team.

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