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As you've probably seen by now, we like to change things in Team Fortress 2. A lot. And while we're perfect most of the time, we occasionally get something wrong. One reason for this is we just don't get enough data from internal play testing,(sic) and another is that we spend too much time watching Tom Bui serenades on Youtube (Hint: Search for "Tom Bui" on Youtube) (Another Hint: Click Here).[1] So to help us change TF2 even more frequently, we're pleased to announce the Team Fortress 2 (public) Beta.
Team Fortress 2 Beta publicity blurb

The Team Fortress 2 Beta was a separate beta branch of the game that was previously available to all Premium players. Released on 2 December 2010 and discontinued on 7 June 2013, it was the second period of public beta testing – the first of which was distributed to players who pre-ordered the game prior to 10 October 2007. It differed from the initial public testing phase and was more similar to the Closed Beta from 2009.

The Beta was utilized for purposes including, but not limited to:

  • Testing and tuning various class, item, and weapon changes.
  • Playtests for upcoming map changes and variants.
  • Running higher-level, game-wide experiments (such as increasing player Health).
  • Implementing and testing new functionality without risking anything breaking in the main version of the game.

New players received any weapons that were currently undergoing testing, certain promotional items that their Steam account was entitled to, and occasionally other items that may have been given out for testing. Random drops and crafting were available to players, although item trading and the Mann Co. Store were disabled. The Beta utilized the same drop rate and capacity as the normal version of Team Fortress 2.

Previous changes

Other changes

  • The public IP is now displayed in the console when creating a local server and the output for the exec command has been altered.
  • Added an option for dedicated servers to enforce Steam user blocking. This is a feature which allows a player or Steam Community group to prevent other players that they have blocked from joining their games.[2][3]
  • Fixed a pipe overflow problem affecting dedicated servers running on FreeBSD.
  • The Half-Life 2 (Source SDK) game menu was still implemented at the time.


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