Mercenary Park (Soundtrack)

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For other uses of "Mercenary Park", see Mercenary Park (disambiguation).
Team Fortress 2
Official Soundtrack
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  2. "Playing With Danger"
  3. "Rocket Jump Waltz"
  4. "The Art of War"
  5. "Faster Than a Speeding Bullet"
  6. "Right Behind You"
  7. "Petite Chou-Fleur"
  8. "Intruder Alert"
  9. "Drunken Pipe Bomb"
  10. "More Gun"
  11. "Haunted Fortress 2"
  12. "TF2 Saxxy 2011 Theme"
  13. "A Little Heart to Heart"
  14. "MEDIC!"
  15. "Archimedes"
  16. "Dreams of Cruelty"
  17. "The Calm"
  18. "ROBOTS!"
  19. "Dapper Cadaver"
  20. "Rise of the Living Bread"
  21. "Red Bread"
  22. "Three Days to Live"
  23. "Seduce Me!"
  24. "Stink Lines"
  25. "It Hates Me So Much"
  26. "Misfortune Teller"
  27. "Soldier of Dance"
  28. "RED Triumphs!"
  29. "BLU Triumphs!"
  30. "Yeti Park"
  31. "Saxton's Dilemma"
  32. "Mercenary Park"
  33. "Saluting the Fallen"

"Mercenary Park" is one of the song titles featured on the official Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack, listed as track number 32. Added in the Jungle Inferno Update startup themes.


Guitar transcription

The following is an abridged transcription of the song.

Mercenary Park     
time = 4/4          | 
Standard E-tuning   | 
(c) Mike Morasky / VALVe 2007                   

					         E Major
                                                Main Riff
e ||--------------------------|---------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|
B ||--------------------------|---------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|
G ||--------------------------|---------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|
D ||--------------------------|---------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|
A ||--7--7--7--6--6--6--5--5--|--5------------------------|--------------------------|-----3--3--3--4--4--5--5--|--------------------------|-----7--7--7--5--5--3--3--|
E ||--------------------------|-----7--7--7--5h7p5--5--3--|--0--0--0--3--3--3--5--5--|--5-----------------------|--0--0--0--3--3--3--5--5--|--5-----------------------|


Sheet Music

Key: C Major
Time Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 140 BPM

  • The solo directs the rhythm section to Em, noting the use of the E harmonic minor scale for lead players.

Update history

October 20, 2017 Patch #1 (Jungle Inferno Update)

  • [Undocumented] Added Mercenary Park startup music track.

February 14, 2018 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Removed gamestartup_operation_summer2017_2.mp3, the music file used to make Mercenary Park one of the only 3 songs added in the Jungle Inferno Update play during the Jungle Inferno Campaign.


  • This soundtrack resembles the main one. This was most likely done to celebrate the game's tenth anniversary, as the main theme was present since the launch and became widely recognizable ever since.
  • Similarly, this song is in E Major, matching not only the main theme but also Playing With Danger, Intruder Alert, and Drunken Pipe Bomb.