Jungle Inferno (Video)

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Jungle Inferno
Video Info
Released: October 16, 2017
Run time: 4:16

Jungle Inferno is a video that accompanied the Jungle Inferno Update. It shows RED team accompanied by Saxton Hale hunting down an escaped Yeti.

Video description

After a decade of dustbowls and gravel pits, it’s time to pack your snorkel, find your flip-flops, and endure a series of painful yellow fever vaccinations to your abdomen, because Team Fortress is heading to the tropics!


Video transcript


  • The lighting in the first room at 3:47 abruptly cuts out due to a scene change.
  • The animation used for the BLU Soldier at 3:47 is reused from Meet the Spy, when Soldier jumps from the stairs and runs towards the Intelligence room.
  • The animation used for the BLU Sniper at 3:48 is reused from Meet the Pyro, when Sniper holds the RED team Pyro's leg and calls for help.