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For the​​ server option that allows players on the same team to damage each other with their attacks, see Friendly fire.


Saxton Jungle Inferno Campaign Friendly-Fire.png
Friendly-Fire Contract co-op was introduced in the Jungle Inferno Update.



For the first time, attack your contracts with co-op!​
— Jungle Inferno announcement, ​​Day 2

Friendly-Fire is a way ​that players can help their ​Steam friends complete Team Fortress 2 Contracts when they play together on the same Valve server. ​​With Friendly-Fire in play, anything a player does that fulfills any requirement on a friend's activated Contract counts as progress on that friend's Contract (just as if that friend had done that action). For example, a player with weak Sniper skills could complete a Sniper Contract with Friendly-Fire help from a friend who is an expert Sniper.

  • Friends may use the Casual Mode matchmaking feature to arrange parties to play together on the same server.
  • ​Friends on the same server need to be on the same team to contribute to each other's Contracts and Campaign Points.
  • A player does not have to have the same Contract activated as a Friend (or any Contract activated at all) to help that friend with Friendly-Fire.
  • A player does not have to have premium Contract access to help a friend with a premium Contract.
  • If a player does have premium Contract access, their premium Campaign Tracking item counts up the Friendly-Fire Campaign Points the player contributes to friends.
  • Friendly-Fire Contract Points that a player receives from friends briefly appear in green text announcements on the player's HUD.

Friendly-Fire was introduced ​in ​​Day 2 of the Jungle Inferno Update.