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A Reanimator
Back from the dead and reporting for duty!
The Soldier

The Reanimator is a gameplay element released within the Two Cities Update to be used on Mann vs. Machine maps. It is automatically dropped by a teammate if they die, displaying a hologram of their class at their point of death. Once it is targeted with any Medic secondary weapon, the player will be slowly revived; upon being fully revived, which involves healing them to half their maximum health, they immediately respawn on the spot. An ÜberCharge of any type will quicken the process. The player also has the choice to decline being revived, and choose to respawn normally; once the player respawns, their Reanimator disappears. If a player repeatedly dies without respawning normally, it will take longer each time they die for a Medic to revive them. Therefore, it is sometimes better to not use the reanimator and just respawn normally.

Excluding the Pyro, each class gains additional voice responses upon being revived.

Related achievements

Mvm navicon.png Mann vs. Machievements

Reanimator 2
Reanimator 2
Use one ÜberCharge to quickly revive 2 teammates within 5 seconds.


  • The Reanimator resembles the ghost trap from Ghostbusters.
  • Day Two introduced The Reanimator during the Two Cities Update, the name referencing the 1859 Charles Dickens novel A Tale of Two Cities. The novel is divided into three books, with Book the First known as "Recalled to Life".
  • Various Medi Guns can drastically affect the revive rate:
    • The Quick-Fix triples healing during its ÜberCharge.
    • The Vaccinator has four separate ÜberCharges, allowing the use of its charges to almost instantly revive up to four dead teammates.