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Basic Information
Map type: Mann vs. Machine
File name: mvm_rottenburg
Released: November 21, 2013 Patch
(Two Cities Update)
Developer(s): Valve
Map Info
Environment: German Town
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Hazards: Pitfall
Pyrovision Support: No
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Mediumhealth.png ×14
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Mediumammo.png ×12   •  
Largeammo.png ×3
Map Photos
Loading screen photos.
Map Overview
Rottenburg overview.png
The second of our Two Cities finds the mercs defending the Medic's vaguely European hometown of Rottenburg — a sprawling village famous for its centuries-old traditions of 1) chasing the next in the resident lineage of mad doctors out of town with torches and pitchforks whenever they swapped out too many super-charged baboon hearts, and 2) never having been attacked by an army of robots. Traditions will fall, as will Rottenburg itself if the mercs can't defend its twisting cobblestone streets and iconic towers from Gray Mann's robot onslaught.
Two Cities Update

Rottenburg is a Mann vs. Machine map released in the Two Cities Update. It takes place in the Medic's hometown of Rottenburg, Germany. It is the second of two MvM maps introduced in the Two Cities Update, the first being Mannhattan. The map contains 3 missions: the Intermediate mission Village Vanguard, and the Advanced missions Hamlet Hostility and Bavarian Botbash.


Hatch Area

The hatch is a metal sewer grate located in between the two merc spawns. There is only one main path that the robots will take when carrying the bomb, however, there is a catwalk path on the left for mercs, as well as a rear path that Tanks will sometimes take.

  • Morgue/Theatre: The right side merc spawn. Contains an Upgrade Station.
  • Medic Workshop: The left side merc spawn next to the leftside catwalk access. Contains an Upgrade Station.
  • Tank Path: To the left side behind the Medic Workshop spawn is a pathway that only Tanks take. Tanks have to pass through a tunnel only they can access. Part of the wall is destroyed in the process, allowing for players to fall into the river and die.
  • Overhead Platform: To the right along the main path is a stairway to a platform above the robot path. The platform serves as a height vantage point for Snipers or a Sentry Gun position.

Outer Hatch Area

At this point, the sole path splits into two possible robot paths; one on the main road and the other from a stairway to the lower part of the city.

  • Catwalk: Along the path is a catwalk that can be used to directly stay out of the line of fire.
  • Tunnel Entrance: The stairway on the right side provides access to the Outer Hatch path, as well as a shortcut to the Robot spawn. At the end of the lower path are the doors to the Tank Tunnel. On select waves the Tank takes this path and, once inside the tunnel, cannot be followed again until it comes out the other end at the Tank path to the side of the hatch.

Town Square

The town square is the area surrounding a tall stone tower. The area has two different paths: The bridge path above, and the dirt path underneath.

  • Stone Tower: The central tower. Accessible from the wooden catwalks next to the bridge path. The interior holds a max ammo kit and medium health kit, and is a useful hiding place for Teleporters.
  • Catwalks: A set of catwalks rest along the dirt path.
  • Historic Disposal Shaft: Along the dirt path is a pitfall in the wall. Pyros can use this to their advantage and airblast robots into the pit for instant kills.

City Gates

The main gates of Rottenburg lead to the exterior field where the Carrier Tank is located. From here is where the robots will spawn.

  • Pitchfork Checkpoint: To the left of the main entrance is a smaller entrance that robots do not enter. This entrance also contains an upgrade station inside,note that this upgrade station will temporarily close during waves.
  • The Field: The field has three different paths. Access to the left side is exclusive to mercs and the center is barricaded off. However, during Tank rounds, the Tank always takes the center path, destroying the barricade along the way. Once this happens, robots start taking that path as well.
  • Blocked Off Tunnel: During Tank rounds, the wooden barricade is destroyed and Tanks spawn from the hole.
  • Left Side Cliff: The robots' primary spawning location. In front of the cliff is a giant rock that can serve a tactical advantage as robots are forced to split up around the rock.
  • Right Side Cliff: The robots' secondary spawning location. Mercs can get up close to it from an uphill path along the side of the cliff.


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Related achievements

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Rottenburg has 3 map-specific achievements.

A Bygone Century
A Bygone Century
Pit 100 enemies in Rottenburg.

Crasher Crusher
Crasher Crusher
Play an advanced wave in Rottenburg without the bomb entering the town.
Kill a tank before it crashes through the barrier in Rottenburg.

Update history

November 21, 2013 Patch (Two Cities Update)

  • Added Rottenburg to the game.

December 6, 2013 Patch

  • Fixed a bug where the bomb could get stuck out of reach in the corner near the cap.
  • Fixed a bug where bots could be instantly killed by being pushed into the tank tunnel once opened.
  • Fixed a bug where money could get stuck in the tank barricade when it was rebuilt, preventing collection.

January 23, 2014 Patch

  • Improved collision near barricade to reduce players getting stuck.
  • Fixed credits not always being collected when they fall into the barricade.


  • It is possible to get stuck on the wooden spike barricade in front of the town by responding to a partner taunt, such as High Five! or Square Dance.
    • A Soldier who gets stuck this way and shoots himself with any rocket launcher is considered by the game as being airborne, which makes the Air Strike have its increased firing speed and make the Market Gardener always deal critical hits.
  • When restarting the map during gameplay, a glitch may occur which makes the front (near the robot spawn) upgrade station unusable.
  • It is possible to block the robots from entering by standing on the small ledge.
  • If a player dies over the barrier, the reanimator falls for a second and then disappears. This is caused by the trigger_hurt that prevents money from getting stuck inside the barrier.
  • If a player hugs the tank spawn on the right side while a tank is coming through, they may be forced partially into the spawn and become stuck.
    • It is also possible to use a partner taunt or take a teleporter to get stuck this way. However, these two methods only works after the spawn boards are broken.
  • Standing at the entrance of the cave where Tanks come from or on either of the robot spawn ledges and switching weapons in the loadout causes the player to respawn at spawn with their new loadout (provided tf_respawn_on_loadoutchanges is set to 1).
  • Robots can open the player spawn doors, spawncamping the defense by shooting them when they spawn.
  • Occasionally, the barrier can turn entirely invisible while remaining solid.


  • Rottenburg is given to be the Medic's hometown, while his official profile also states that he was raised in Stuttgart, Germany. There are several similarly named places in Germany; a few are within or near Stuttgart.
  • The "Humboldt's pharmacy" sign references the 19th century German natural scientist Alexander von Humboldt.
  • "Baboon Hearts" in the list of pharmacy products and services references the Medic's xenotransplantation surgeries, particularly the Mega Baboon heart implanted in the Heavy in Meet the Medic.
  • Mann vs. Machine: The Sound of Medicine takes place in a modified version of Rottenburg.
  • Behind the front tower, at the Humboldt Sauermilch Molkerei (sour milk dairy), a dark area under a roof contains a crate, with Mad Milk bottles, syringes, and a Syringe Gun lying on it, hinting at the Mad Milk Syringes upgrade for the Medic.


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