The Sound of Medicine

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The Sound of Medicine
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Video Info
Released: November 21, 2013
Run time: 1:43

The Sound of Medicine is a movie that was released on November 21st, 2013 to promote release of the Two Cities Update.


Video transcript


  • The title recalls The Sound of Music, a 1965 film about a German-singing family in nearby Salzburg.
  • At 0:08, just as the Tank crashes through a Biergarten, a beer stein is already on the ground in the foreground, deliberately placed to display a coat of arms, suggesting that either Rottenburg’s or, more likely, Medic’s familial coat of arms is a red cross on a white shield on the chest of a German eagle; that is, (blazon) Argent a cross couped Gules, escutcheon on the breast of an eagle displayed Sable, crowned and legged Argent.
  • Even though the Sniper at 0:12 can be seen taking his Reanimator, he was not revived on-screen. During the final shot, the Sniper is shown alive again.
  • If you look closely at 0:12 you'll notice that the scene is mirrored, as evidenced by Heavy and Sniper's gear being positioned differently.
  • At 0:12, the Soldier and Pyro were not seen taking their Reanimators, yet at 1:08, the Soldier and Pyro's Reanimators can be seen, then at 1:18, their Reanimators disappear and they're revived.
  • At 0:15, the rocket Soldier fired has the grenade arc effect, like in the Meet The Medic video
  • At 0:22, the Medic's footsteps reuse the Combine's footsteps from Half-Life 2.
  • From 0:23 to 0:30 explosion sounds from Half-Life 2 are played instead of normal Team Fortress 2 sounds.
  • From 0:40 a fragment of Medic! can be heard playing backwards as Heavy is revived.
  • At 1:05, the Soldier Robots came from the room where the pit is located.
  • 1:17 is a reference to the "Three-Wise Monkeys", "See no evil" with Pyro covering its eyes, "Speak no evil" with Scout covering his mouth, "Hear no evil" with Heavy covering his ears, and "Do no evil" with Soldier covering his genitals.
  • At 1:22 the team make their animations similar to their class menu animations.
  • At 1:25 before the MvM logo is bolted onto a German version of the Mann Co. Shipping sign, it reads "Mann Co. Versand" with words underneath saying "Lieferdienst & Schlägertruppe"
    • Versand means "Delivery" or "Shipping",
    • Lieferdienst means "delivery service", especially of a business' own products
    • Schlägertruppe means a "gang of thugs", which is a team of hired enforcers or mercenaries,
so, Lieferdienst & Schlägertruppe roughly translates to "delivery and thugs",
which compares with Mann Co. Shipping’s English slogan, "We ship products and get in fights".
  • At 1:26, the top left arm stamping the MvM logo bears the Red Heavy emblem.
  • At 1:28, the Heavy can be seen wielding an Australium version of the Minigun.
  • At 1:30, a bird (likely Archimedes) is seen standing on the Medic's backpack.
  • At 1:33, when the Soldier fired his Rocket Launcher, a Sentry Gun rocket firing sound is played instead.