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The Tranquilizer Gun is a weapon in the Classic Team Fortress games that is used by the Spy. In Quake Team Fortress it appears identical to the Single-Barrel Shotgun. In Team Fortress Classic it takes on the appearance of a silenced pistol. However, it functions in a vastly different manner to either of these weapons.

Primarily a tactical weapon, the Tranquilizer Gun fires a dart that reduces the target's running and mouse turning speed by about half. This effect can be used to greatly reduce the efficiency of fast classes such as the Scout and Medic, or to allow the Spy to escape from other classes by slowing them down.

The weapon is hampered by its slow rate of fire, limited reserve ammo, and slow projectile speed. Its damage is only equivalent to that of a standard melee attack.

Damage and function times

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Damage and function times
Shot type Projectile
Base damage 100% 18
Function times
Attack interval 3 s
Values are approximate and determined by community testing.

Quake Team Fortress Death Messages

Player1 is put to sleep by Player2.
Player killed by Tranquilizer Gun
Player1 is all partied out by Player2.
Player killed by Tranquilizer Gun in Birthday Mode


  • The Team Fortress Classic Tranquilizer Gun view model is the unused "silenced" Glock-17 view model from Half-Life. The silenced variant is used by the female assassin, however, when dropped it functions as a normal pistol, giving 9MM ammunition to the player.
  • The Tranquilizer Gun was featured in promotional material for Team Fortress 2, but was scrapped before release.