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The Heavy

The Projectile Shield is an upgrade function for the Medic's secondary weapons available through the Mann vs. Machine Upgrade Station. This upgrade costs 300 credits and has two levels. Purchasing the first upgrade permits the Medic to build up an Energy charge by healing teammates for activation of the Projectile Shield. When activated, a glowing shield appears in an arc in front of the Medic, blocking most enemy attacks through it and damaging any Robot it touches. The second upgrade increases the shield's width and doubles the damage dealt.

Charging and activation

When a Medi Gun is equipped after the Projectile Shield upgrade, an additional Energy charge bar appears next to the ÜberCharge bar. The Energy bar fills much faster and from more sources than the ÜberCharge. The Medic may build Energy by healing damaged teammates, Overhealing teammates, healing teammates who are damaging Robots, blocking teammate damage with Invulnerability ÜberCharges, or Reanimating fallen teammates. A beep cues the Medic player when charge is complete. When Energy is fully charged, pressing the Special-Attack key (attack3) deploys the Projectile Shield for many seconds.

Projectile Shield activation normally does not interfere with the normal operation of the Medic's secondary weapons; the beam can continue to Heal or Reanimate, Canteens can still be shared, and the ability to build and activate ÜberCharge continues. However, Medic cannnot start to heal the patient if the patient stands behind the Projectile Shield of another Medic.


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The Projectile Shield can destroy rockets, grenades, stickybombs, Huntsman arrows, and most other projectiles. It can also block attacks from hitscan weapons, and will deal damage to robots that come into contact with it. Slowdown is inflicted upon robots that have been damaged by the Projectile Shield. The speed of robots under slowdown effect will be 210 HU\s from level 1 Projectile Shield and 150 HU\s - from level 2. [1]

However, a few bugs may decrease effectiveness of the Projectile Shield. For example, some projectiles that would normally be blocked by the Projectile Shield can pass straight through on rare occasions, usually when the Medic is moving forward.[2] The shield also doesn't block deflected projectiles, such as rockets (including sentry rockets), grenades, arrows and other types of them.

The Projectile Shield cannot block attacks from any of the Pyro's primary weapons, the Pomson 6000, the Righteous Bison, or these following weapons when they possess the Projectile Penetration upgrade: Huntsman and its reskins, Rescue Ranger and Crusader's Crossbow with its reskins. It is also unable to block splashes from Mad Milk, Jarate, or the Gas Passer.

If the Medic with his Projectile Shield deployed gets too close to a robot, it is able to damage him. However, it is possible to avoid this by moving the shield closer to the Medic, which is done by looking up or down.


See also: Damage
Damage and function times
Damage type Untyped
Ranged or Melee damage? Untyped
Base damage 100% 66-67 /s (LV 1), 133-134 /s (LV 2)
Mini-crit 66-67 /s (LV 1), 200 /s (LV 2), 133-134 /s (LV 2 against tanks )
Charge fill damage 4000
Charge fill health 400
Function times
Effect duration 12 s
Values are approximate and determined by community testing.

Charge and duration times

Projectile Shield charges by healing and overhealing teammates, by healing yourself with the Quickfix uber, by charging Reanimators (including instant charge from the Vaccinator's uber), by any damage dealt by patients (including self-damage), or taking damage by yourself or by Medic's patient which is being under Medi Gun's Ubercharge effect. 400 points of healing, 4000 points of patient's damage or approximately 800 damage blocked by Medi Gun's Ubercharge (either by Medic or his patient) is needed to completely charge the Projectile Shield. Shield recharge rate is doubled when healing reanimators. Applying Vaccinator's Ubercharge on the Reanimator will instantly recharge Projectile Shield's, the value of charge depends on Reanimator's health amount. Healing from the Crusader's Crossbow or Mad Milk Syringes upgrade does not count toward shield charge.

A limit exists for how much a patient's damage can charge the Projectile Shield at once. Only the first 250 points of damage on each hit on a single target counts for the charge. For example, if a rocket does 300 points in a direct hit on one Robot, only 250 damage points count towards the charge. But if a rocket splashes 300 damage on each of three Robots, charge gets 750 points (250 + 250 + 250), because the resulting value of charge is an addition of all charge values from every target. In contrast, each of Heavy's Minigun bullets and Pyro's Flamethrower particles count as individual hits, allowing these attacks to avoid this limit.


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Related achievements

Wall Of Pain
Wall Of Pain
Block 5,000 damage with the shield as a Medic in a single life.

Update history

November 21, 2013 Patch (Two Cities Update)

  • Projectile Shield Upgrade
    • Build Energy by healing teammates, reviving and preventing damage via Invuln ÜberCharge.
    • Press ATTACK3 to activate when Energy meter is full (mouse3 by default)
    • While active:
      • Blocks all enemy projectiles
      • Damages enemies on touch


  • Projectile Shield blocks Wrench melee hits targeted at buildings.
  • Medic cannot start to heal the patient through the Projectile Shield of another allied Medic.
    • However, if Medic already heals him, the Shield of another Medic will not interrupt healing.
  • Buying the Projectile Shield upgrade, then changing loadout to the same or switching class to someone and back to Medic will cause the Projectile Shield to last for 10 seconds instead of 12.
    • Buying the Projectile Shield upgrade again through refund or upgrading it to level 2 (if the player had bought only the level 1 upgrade) will fix this bug.



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