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The Heavy

The Projectile Shield is an upgrade function for the Medic's secondary weapons available through the Mann vs. Machine Upgrade Station. Purchasing the first upgrade permits the Medic to build up an Energy charge by healing teammates for activation of the Projectile Shield. When activated, a glowing shield appears in an arc in front of the Medic, blocking most enemy attacks through it and damaging any Robot it touches. The second upgrade doubles the shield's width and doubles the damage dealt.

Charging and activation

When a Medi Gun is equipped after the Projectile Shield upgrade, an additional Energy charge bar appears next to the ÜberCharge bar. The Energy bar fills much faster and from more sources than the ÜberCharge. The Medic may build Energy by healing teammate Damage, Overhealing teammates, healing teammates who are damaging Robots, or Reanimating fallen teammates. A beep cues the Medic player when charge is complete. When Energy is fully charged, pressing the Special-Attack key (attack3) deploys the Projectile Shield for many seconds.

Projectile Shield activation does not interfere with the normal normal operation of the Medic's secondary weapons; the beam can continue to Heal or Reanimate, Canteens can still be shared, and the ability to build and activate ÜberCharge continues.


The Projectile Shield destroys any Rocket, Grenade, Stickybomb, or beam projectile that hits it. It can also stop most enemy Hitscan Projectiles fired through it. The Projectile Shield can also prevent Robots from getting close to the Medic. However, the Projectile Shield is not a perfect defense; Hitscan Projectiles and Flame particles can penetrate the shield in some conditions, it can not protect from splash damage from Bombs and Rockets that miss the shield but hit nearby, Robots in the shield can sometimes fire at the Medic, some long range melee attacks from Robots caught in the shield can reach the Medic, Robots can sometimes get through the shield.


Robots, including Tanks, touching the Projectile Shield receive on-going Damage as long as they are in contact. The damage dealt by the Projectile Shield can quickly kill the weakest Robots.

Charge and duration times


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Related achievements

Wall Of Pain
Wall Of Pain
Block 5,000 damage with the shield as a Medic in a single life.

Update history

November 21, 2013 Patch (Two Cities Update)

  • Projectile Shield Upgrade
    • Build Energy by healing teammates, reviving and preventing damage via Invuln ÜberCharge.
    • Press ATTACK3 to activate when Energy meter is full (mouse3 by default)
    • While active:
      • Blocks all enemy projectiles
      • Damages enemies on touch