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Comic Strip Info
Released: October 24th, 2012
Number of pages: 19
Artist: Heather "makani" Campbell
Jim Murray (cover)
ENOUGH! Do you think you can bully Merasmus like he's some cheap parlor magician?

Doom-Mates is a comic released on October 24th, 2012, as part of the Fourth Annual Halloween Special. It features yet another confrontation between Merasmus and the Soldier, who finally pushes the wizard past his breaking point.


The comic opens with Merasmus returning from WizardCon MCLVI (1156), being driven back to his castle, attempting, and failing, to use magic to force the cab driver to lower the price. Merasmus returns to his castle to find it completely wrecked by the RED Soldier, with raccoons, and his refrigerator buried in the front yard. Merasmus confronts the Soldier and is soon informed by a city official that his castle now houses every single raccoon in the Badlands area and that it is being annexed into a raccoon sanctuary as a result. Merasmus is told to "take it up with the park ranger"; who, naturally, turns out to be the Soldier. After the Soldier taunts him, Merasmus snaps, his ghostly form vowing to kill the Soldier. The Soldier claims that he will come back stronger, citing an occasion in which he took the wizard's "Kill Me Come Back Stronger Pills". Merasmus instead decides to kill everyone the Soldier cares about.

The comic cuts to the Soldier casually retelling the story to the RED Scout and Spy, explaining why the members of the RED team are being killed.



  • When attempting to turn the page back at the beginning, or forward at the end of the comic, one of the in-game sound effects for landing on another player with the Mantreads is heard.
  • On page 5, Merasmus' bag is labeled, "WIZARDCON MCLVI".

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