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This article is about the comic. For other uses, see Bombinomicon (disambiguation).
Bombinomicon 00.jpg
Comic Strip Info
Released: October 27, 2011
Number of pages: 10
Artist: Michael Oeming
Jim Murray (cover)
FOOL! Ye have gazed upon the BOMBINOMICON!
Merasmus the Magician

Bombinomicon is a comic released on October 27, 2011, to coincide with the release of the Very Scary Halloween Special, the third annual Scream Fortress Halloween event.


Bombinomicon begins with the RED Soldier dressed as a robot and trick-or-treating with three children dressed as the Ghost of Zepheniah Mann, Francis the Talking France, and Saxton Hale at the RED base. Though the Spy points out that the mercenaries had discussed having a "party for adults" and agreed to not "answering the door to give out candy", the Soldier explains that he has had nothing to eat for four days and the police are on his trail. While the Spy is originally against giving children treats, he eventually acquiesces and gives the child dressed as Zepheniah Mann his pack of cigarettes, an unlit cigarette, and his Knife. The Scout shows the child dressed as Francis a molar concealed within his trusty bat and gives it to the child, all the while bragging about his skill in battle. The Heavy intimidates the child dressed as Saxton Hale on why he should give a youth candy until the boy breaks into tears. The Heavy frantically apologizes and gives the child seven thousand dollars. When the children go to the RED Demoman, he says he has no candy, but offers them a ghost story instead, and relates his tale.

On All Hallow's Eve, when the Demoman was seven years old and still had two eyes, his mother encouraged him to go work for ghastly demons and necromancers because they would only be there for one day. The resourceful youth finds a forbidding castle of dark magic that needs a worker. Merasmus the Magician answers the door and is irritated, thinking the lad is asking for candy. The Demoman quickly explains that he is looking for a job, and Merasmus instructs him to sweep his massive library for a nickel. However, he warns the child not to look at a particular book, the eponymous Bombinomicon. With the warning, Merasmus leaves and the Demoman begins his work. After sweeping the entire library, the Demoman takes a step back to admire his work, and the tome calls him. The Bombinomicon persuades the Demoman to read it, asking him why should he obey an old idiot with a dress. Suddenly as the Demoman peeps in, a blast of blue light targets his left eye and the Bombinomicon haunts it. It begins to joyfully cheer about the advantages of being an eye, and the enraged Merasmus suddenly appears. The magician casts a spell and with a cry, the lad faints. When the Demoman wakes up, Merasmus is gone, along with the book, the castle, and the Demoman's eye.

In present day, the Soldier recognizes the name Merasmus and complains about his lack of dish-washing. The magician is at the RED team Halloween party and the Soldier and magician immediately begin arguing. The Demoman is shocked to realize the pair are roommates. Merasmus complains about the vegetarian platter and after a huge argument, the Soldier snaps the necromancer's staff in half over his knee. In revenge, Merasmus conjures up MONOCULUS, the Demoman's missing eye, and declares he will return to his apartment as the RED team fights the gigantic demon. However, the Soldier jumps upon Merasmus and begins strangling him as the Heavy and Scout begin fighting MONOCULUS.


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  • The name "Bombinomicon" is a reference to the Necronomicon, a piece of fictional literature from the works of H. P. Lovecraft.
  • The suit the Spy was wearing during the party strongly resembles his beta design.
  • Heavy sports a skull & crossbones emblem highly reminiscent of his beta design.
  • Soldier's threat to "slap the magic out of [Merasmus's] mouth" was later used in-game as a voice line for the Soldier while Merasmus is hiding.

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