The Contract

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The Contract
Comic Strip Info
Released: July 1, 2015
Number of pages: 18
Artist: Heather "makani" Campbell
This article is about the comic "The Contract". For the on-going contracts introduced in the Jungle Inferno Update, see Jungle Inferno ConTracker. For the list of articles about other past systems of contracts, see Contracts.
Mr. Hale, this chair I'm sitting on is made of Force-A-Natures!
Miss Pauling

The Contract is a comic that was released on July 1, 2015 to announce the Gun Mettle Update. It follows Miss Pauling in her attempt to get new incentives from Saxton Hale to keep the RED and BLU Mercenaries fighting.


The Contract opens with Saxton Hale enjoying his post-lunch snack of a Giraffe leg and Kakapo eggs, when his butler Bidwell informs him that Miss Pauling is here for a meeting. As Hale informs Bidwell to throw her out, Miss Pauling explains that she has too much of the same weapons, and requests for new weapons as she cannot keep giving the same reward over and over. Hale dismisses her claims as lies and says all of the weapons he provides are rare, but Miss Pauling proves him wrong by pointing at a chair made out of Force-A-Natures. Miss Pauling warns that if she cannot get new guns to motivate her assassins to complete her contracts, then Hale and herself will be the ones on the chopping block.

Despite the threat on his life, Hale still ignores Miss Pauling's request. To explain why, Hale takes Miss Pauling to the 'Mann Co. Elite Suite' meant for commandos, assassins, and the like. After viewing a few of the weapons in the suite, Hale explains that all of them are out of her price range. Asking what she can afford, Hale takes her to a dirty room with two Force-A-Natures welded together.

Later that night, Miss Pauling sneaks into the Elite Suite to steal all the weapons inside. As she is stealing the guns, she receives a phone call from Saxton Hale informing her that he could separate the Twin Force-A-Nature into being two guns again, and offers them to her. She agrees to the deal as she continues to load up the stolen luxury weapons. As Hale explains how she got screwed over in their deal, the comic closes with her leaving an IOU on each of the gun displays, walking away with a wheelbarrow full of all of them.



While the Comic touches several Storyline elements, it is not completely consistent with the Timeline:

Page 2

Hale's penchant for eating endangered animals: giraffe species range from threatened to endangered, while kakapo are critically endangered.

Page 3

Hale's office is broadly consistent with its illustrations in Ring of Fired.

Page 4

However, the images of Hale fighting large cats are replaced with other images.

Page 9

The mounted Yeti appears here in Hale's office in the context of the Gravel War (perhaps 1969-1971). However, Saxton Hale did not place his trophy in his office until minutes before he lost it to Olivia Mann in early 1972.

Page 10

Introduction of the first Decorated weapons cases, Concealed Killer Weapons Case and Powerhouse Weapons Case, that were available in the Gun Mettle Campaign.

Page 13

Hale's statement evokes the TF2 Crafting system; weapons are smelted two at a time.

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