Blood Brothers

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Blood Brothers
Comic Strip Info
Released: August 12, 2012
Number of pages: 43
Artist: makani
Writer: Eric Wolpaw
Colorist: Nick Filardi
I am your brother. And I sent the letters proposing this truce. Which, I might add, it took you literally thirty seconds to turn into an idiotic crime against nature. Congratulations.
Gray Mann

Blood Brothers is a comic released August 12, 2012. It reveals the brothers Redmond and Blutarch Mann have tried to put aside their differences for want of a suitable heir when the mysterious arrival of their long-lost brother, Gray Mann, interrupts their plans. It also delves deeper into the beginnings of the Mann family.

Access to this comic was given in a system-wide message after 8 items were crafted together following this crafting recipe.


Blood Brothers opens in the near future, inside the renowned, and in the meantime rented, Alamo, perched on a cliff in New Mexico. The brothers, Redmond and Blutarch Mann, are inside attempting to put aside their differences in light of the fact that neither of them have an heir. Still kept alive by their life-extending machines, they discuss their dim prospects. After dismissing their caretakers, Blutarch proposes a truce in order that they may make one of them pregnant to produce an heir. They both agree that it is a wonderful idea and congratulate each other on suggesting the meeting via a tear-stained letter only to find that neither of them had sent one.

They are interrupted by the sounds of their caretakers being stabbed and a curious voice matter-of-factly stating, "Gentlemen."

It is Gray Mann, their long-lost brother. He is just as old as the two brothers, but has an advanced, mobile version of a Life Extender Machine embedded in his spine. He reveals that he had sent the letters proposing the truce and berates the two brothers for being so idiotic as not to recognize it.

Redmond and Blutarch fail to recognize their brother as it has been a long time since they last saw him. They attempt to enlist his help to build a pregnancy machine.

The comic then flashes back to 1822 in the stately hall of Mann Manor. A young Zepheniah Mann and his associate, Barnabas Hale, are discussing strategy while his wife Bette undergoes childbirth in another room. The midwife, Patience Meriweather, informs Zepheniah that his wife has died while giving birth to three sons - Redmond, Blutarch, and Gray. Barnabas is distraught while Zepheniah is indifferent.

The babies are healthy with Redmond and Blutarch starting their life-long hatred of each other. However, the third baby, Gray, is underweight, but precocious; he can talk. Suddenly, the Scourge of London, the Eagle attacks, crashing through a window and kidnapping baby Gray.

The comic returns to the present, with Gray revealing that while still in the womb he had learned to speak (by listening to their mother) and derived a new form of algebra to pass the time. He remarks bitterly that their father had never accepted him as he was born physically weak. He was raised instead by the eagle, growing stronger and eventually eating her and her children before crawling back to civilization.

He quietly watched in the background, building his own fortune and empire while Redmond and Blutarch squandered the father's fortune. Fed up with the brothers' pointless bickering he plotted against them and (upon revealing this) kills them in cold blood. The comic closes with Gray holding the blood-stained knife and gazing out at the horizon towards Mann Co.



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Barely-Melted Capacitor + Item With a Custom Name + Strange Weapon + Frying Pan (Black) + Item (Painted) + Crate + Hat of Vintage Quality + Item (Level 37) = Blood Brothers
Barely-Melted Capacitor Name Tag Weapon Frying Pan Paint Can Mann Co. Supply Crate Hat Level 37 Blood Brothers comicpreview.png
As seen in the ARG image, Crsk9.jpg.


  • The Alamo was advertised as available for rent in the Teufort Reader.



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