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The scariest part about these books is that they AREN'T REAL BOOKS AT ALL! They're self-published!
— Spellbooks publicity blurb

The Unfilled Fancy Spellbook is an unlockable tool item. It appears as a brown book cover with two leather straps being pierced by a nail each and a metal clasp; a heart-shaped smudge can also be seen on its front.

Players may use Spellbook Pages on this item to fill it; once three pages have been added, it is replaced with the Fancy Spellbook.

This item is awarded to players who earn the achievement Helltower: Hat Out of Hell.

Related achievements

Item icon Spellbook Magazine.png Bereavements

Helltower: Hat Out of Hell
Helltower: Hat Out of Hell
Get the loot from Skull Island in Hell

Update history

October 29, 2013 Patch (Scream Fortress 2013)

  • The Unfilled Fancy Spellbook was added to the game.


  • The backpack image for the Unfilled Fancy Spellbook is a screenshot of its model. The texture is also present in the game files.

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