Old Wounds

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Old Wounds
Info sur la Bande Dessinée
Publiée: August 31, 2015
Nombre de pages: 79
Artiste: makani
Écrivain: Jay Pinkerton & Erik Wolpaw
Coloriste: Maren Marmulla
They must have stolen this toilet from the President! We're going to be heroes!
The Soldier

Old Wounds (aussi connu sous le nom de Team Fortress Comics #5) est une bande dessinée publiée le 31 août 2015. C'est la cinquième partie d'une série de sept comics, qui reprend la où Blood in the Water s'était arrêté.


L'histoire prend place sur l'île de la Gray Gravel Company. Elle commence avec Gray Mann, qui est en train de payer le Heavy de TFC pour l'ensemble de ses services, tout en discutant où l'Administratrice et l'Australium pourraient être. Le Heavy de TFC commence à interroger les intentions de domination du monde de Gray, puisqu'il croit qu'il ne vivra pas assez longtemps pour en apprécier les bénéfices. Gray remarque qu'il vivra aux alentours de 150 ans au moment où il aura prit le contrôle du monde. Le Heavy de TFC commence à demander avec soupçons à propos du précieux métal qu'ils ont été engagé à récupérer. Gray refuse de divulguer la moindre information and suggère au Heavy de continuer de faire son travail et de se faire rémunérer, pendant que Gray fonctionne comme étant le cerveau de l'opération. Toutefois, le Heavy de TFC a deviné que c'est l'Australium qui garde Gray en vie, et a aussi décidé de s'approprier l'Australium pour lui et les autres mercenaires de TFC, puisqu'ils commencent à vieillir.

Pendant ce temps, le Soldier qui est enchaîné et ensanglanté se fait intéroger par Beatrice (le Pyro de TFC) pour savoir les informations sur l'emplacement de l'Administratrice. Le Soldier, malgré qu'il est fortement réticent, révèle accidentellement qu'il ne sait vraiment pas où l'Administratrice se trouve, mais que Miss Pauling si. Avec cette information, Beatrice commence à tuer lentement le Soldier avec une perceuse, puisqu'il n'a plus aucune utilité à ses yeux. Zhanna, qui est aussi attaché, demande d'être torturée à la place du Soldier, mais Beatrice refuse et continue de le torturer. Le Heavy de TFC entre dans la pièce avec Gray dans sa main et demande à Beatrice de le torturer, avant d'arracher l'appareil de prolongation de vie, pour ensuite quitter la salle. Zhanna spots a glass shard on the floor and uses it to break free from her handcuffs. She then throws the drill gun out of the TFC Pyro's hand and jams an incendiary grenade into her suit, also putting her mask back on before the grenade detonates, reducing Beatrice to ashes. As she is thanked by the Soldier, she shows that she actually cut her hand off to free herself, which the Soldier praises her for. Zhanna thanks the Soldier for this and they start to leave the room, but Gray interrupts them and begs of them to take him to Miss Pauling.

Demoman is then shown chained up, revealed to be speaking to a few of his own body organs in an hallucination. His liver leaves him, then Demoman commands his heart to replace it, and his lungs to prevent his liver from coming back, since it isn't welcome anymore.

As Demo hallucinates, Pyro, Miss Pauling and Spy are shown chained up with him as well in a cell; Spy offhandedly explains that Demo is suffering an averse reaction to the food he was given, since his body become accustomed to a heavily alcoholic lifestyle. Miss Pauling laments over how she failed her mission and got the team captured; worse still, Spy has run out of miniature gadgets in his teeth to attempt an escape. Spy attempts to comfort her, pointing out that only one team member died under her watch, though he also admits none of them will likely survive their present captivity. At this, Miss Pauling starts to weep. Spy consoles her, offering to help her commit suicide with him by means of a cyanide molar in his mouth, such that neither of them will die under torture. Miss Pauling accepts, but as Spy is about to spit half of the molar in Pauling's mouth, Heavy bursts into the room. Spy quickly spits the cyanide to the floor while Miss Pauling gets an update from Heavy, who claims that the island they're on is plagued with robots and that a full escape is impossible. He then offers to sacrifice himself to save Miss Pauling and the others with a distraction. Despite her misgivings, Miss Pauling gives Heavy the coordinates where she was supposed to meet the Administrator, and proceeds to unchain Spy.

At this moment, TFC Demoman runs into the room with a ringing telephone, and Heavy starts to fade into the TFC Spy, revealing him to be an impostor. The TFC Spy collects the call and gets informed about Beatrice's fate, and passes on the information Miss Pauling inadvertently revealed. TFC Spy then orders the TFC Demoman to kill the rest of their prisoners. However, as he is leaving, he is attacked by Zhanna and Soldier. Zhanna punches the TFC Spy with her stump, which doesn't work. Soldier then steps in and snaps TFC Spy's neck with a single punch, killing him. TFC Demoman then grabs Miss Pauling and threatens to shoot her unless Zhanna puts the Shotgun down. Zhanna complies, lowering the Shotgun, only to suddenly punch Miss Pauling in the face with enough force to knock TFC Demoman to the ground, where he gets strangled by the Spy with his chains. Soldier checks on Pauling, apparently dead from the punch, but she rouses when Soldier pokes her cheek. Soldier throws Gray to her as he and Zhanna investigate the cell toilet.

To Miss Pauling's surprise, Gray requests that the team stop the Administrator, declaring the latter more intelligent, hateful and having nastier plans than he. Miss Pauling defends her, giving an emotive speech mentioning how she worked for her for so long, and willingly lied and murdered on her command. Halfway, though, Spy interrupts her to point out that Gray actually perished about two minutes ago and didn't hear most of her speech, putting on an inscrutable expression at the news of Miss Pauling's skulduggery behind the team's back.

The comic cuts to the Medic standing next to an operating table where Sniper's body is, discussing with Archimedes about the task they have ahead. Sniper is then shown in Heaven with his adopted parents, who say that though they want him to stay, there's still much work on Earth that needs to be done by a professional like him. With a start, Sniper wakes back up on the operating table, with stitches all across his torso. Medic, surprised, calls it his "crowning medical achievement" before Sniper throttles him in rage for betraying the team. Medic says that he had just picked a new job with the Classic team since his previous team was dissolved and they needed a Medic; he also needed more funding for his experiments. Medic reminds Sniper that he didn't kill him, merely stood next to the Classic Sniper who did, and states that he only smiled because he was happy to see him (apparently all of Medic's smiles are evil and smug). Sniper wonders if the vision he had of his adopted parents was real. Medic states that it was a hallucination produced before brain death, though Sniper points out the bigger implication: since he's already experienced and survived death, this makes him most dangerous man on the island by extension, and he's going to go straight back to "work". Medic begins to comment on Sniper's condition, but TFC Heavy bursts in and questions the Medic on why Sniper is alive. Stuttering, Medic begins to explain about how he needed Sniper's body, while Archimedes flies and settles on the TFC Heavy's shoulder. The TFC Heavy then grabs Archimedes and throws him to the ground, killing him. Whilst Medic is in the process of resurrecting Archimedes, the TFC Heavy berates Medic on how he wasted his medical budget on expensive animal organs, experimenting on the TFC mercs with said organs, and bringing the Sniper back to life.

Suddenly, an alarm is set off, and TFC Heavy gets a call informing him that the team has killed Classic Pyro, Demoman and Spy. TFC Heavy turns round to the Medic and informs that the remaining Classic team is going to find them. Although Medic offers to join (for "field work"), TFC Heavy declines the offer and demands that Medic kill Sniper, but notices that Sniper has already escaped. Enraged, TFC Heavy tears off and throws the Medic's Medi Gun to the ground, and commands him not to leave the room. A resurrected Archimedes coos at Medic, who simply picks up his Bonesaw with a sinister expression, responding that "he couldn't agree more".

As the team are making their escape from the base, the TFC Heavy speaks to them via screens scattered around the site. He tells them about Gray's plan to invade Australia, but also points out that he couldn't understand the reason for the invasion, given that the Administrator had already taken all the Australium out of the country. The team regroups with Spy, who confirms that he's located a way out - albeit behind a horde of robots armed with leech-like tentacles. The TFC Heavy reveals that the robots were designed to drain the Australium out of the bodies of Australians, but he's ordered this horde to attack the team out of revenge for killing his friends. The comic ends as the robots descend on Pyro, Zhanna, Soldier, Miss Pauling, Spy and Demo, and begin to drain their blood out.



  • The title page is a reference to the first issue of Watchmen.
  • Where Soldier mentions to Zhanna that he "did not know that they stacked ravishing that high", it is a reference to the opening scenes of Full Metal Jacket.
  • The coordinates given by Miss Pauling points to a location in New Mexico called the Organ Needle.
  • In this comic, the Classic Pyro is revealed to be a woman named Beatrice. The ambiguity about the current Pyro's gender is an ongoing joke in Team Fortress 2 and associated media.
  • Medic tells Archimedes that TFC Heavy's shoulder "is fil-". This is a reference to Meet the Medic when Archimedes emerges from TF2 Heavy's ribcage.

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