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This article is about the video. For the taunt item, see Meet the Medic (taunt).
Meet the Medic
Meet the Medic Titlecard
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Released: June 23, 2011
Run time: 4:09


Video transcript


In March 2011, user "Political Gamer" visited Valve headquarters in Bellevue, Washington and confirmed production of Meet the Medic.[1] A photograph of a poster was taken at the Valve HQ, depicting the Medic posing alongside several flying doves.[2]

The comic Meet the Director, released alongside the Replay Update on May 5, 2011, featured a page depicting the Administrator at her control panel, showing a number of screenshots from Meet the Medic on the displays.

On June 8, 2011, a patch to Team Fortress 2 was released and included an update that placed several doves in various positions in Valve maps. The doves exploded upon contact, but did not cause players damage. On June 17, 2011, an additional patch was released which added a secondary dove model with animations. Later the same day, the page layout of the TF2 Official Website was updated to feature three doves perched upon the title banner, which was covered by bird droppings. Each dove linked to three separate hidden images depicting a rundown hospital, an empty hospital waiting room, and a doctor's office.

Part of the rundown hospital seen in the first hidden image can be seen in the background of the Medic's page on the official site, fully modeled.

On June 20, 2011, Meet the Medic was confirmed by the TF2 Official Website and its release was announced to coincide with the Über Update, to be released on June 23.[3] The doves that were perched on the site banner of the TF2 Official Website were removed as part of the website redesign.


  • The music that plays when the Scout and Demoman are fleeing from a barrage of rockets is a slowed down version of Faster Than a Speeding Bullet, the same song used in Meet the Scout.
  • The title card displays "COPYRIGHT LOLOLOL" on the bottom right corner, a recurring joke throughout the Meet the Team videos.
  • Throughout the Heavy's procedure, an X-ray of his body is in the background, showing a bomb lodged inside him. The extracted bomb can be spotted in a bucket behind the Medic. This is the same bomb on the Meet the Medic title card.
  • The Heavy's Minigun can be spotted in the background of a few operating room shots, resting on its own stretcher.
  • The Medic's Overdose is next to the bucket containing the extracted bomb.
  • The Medic's Solemn Vow can be briefly seen inside the cabinet behind Medic.
  • A heart monitoring device titled "CARDIOSCAN 2000" can be seen working behind the Heavy early in the video. When his heart is destroyed, the line on the monitor goes flat. The next time it is seen, after the Medic retrieves a new heart, it resumes its old display (as if the machine detected the heart's presence).
  • One of the Medic's doves is named after Archimedes, a Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer.
  • A mysterious figure resembling Miss Pauling can be seen through the window at 0:56 and again at 1:22.
  • At 1:03, the entire contents of the fridge are visible: three hearts, the Sandvich, three bottles of Red Shed beer, the BLU Spy's head (alive), a battery for his head, and an ashtray for his cigarettes.
    • The labels on the hearts at 1:04 read "Loch Ness Hamster" and "Mega Baboon", respectively. The smallest heart appears to have no label on it.
  • Despite the Medic believing otherwise, human ribs are actually capable of growing back when properly shortened.[4]
  • At 1:48, Scout's Bat and some miscellaneous junk can be seen on top of the closet in the background along with a sombrero next to it.
  • At 2:28, a Pyro can be seen running in its Humiliation pose, quickly disappearing into the black smoke on the right.
  • In the opening scene, as the Scout falls down, his Bat can be briefly seen being used as a makeshift splint.
  • In the opening, when the Demoman is fleeing from the BLU Soldiers in a wheelchair, he has a bandage over the top part of his head and an eyepatch worn on top of the bandage. Later, when the Demoman is healed by the Medic, he rips off the bandage with the eyepatch on it to reveal another eyepatch underneath the bandage.
    • Similarly, when he is fleeing from the Soldiers in the first battlefield scene, his Stickybomb Launcher rests on his lap and is his only visible weapon. In the second battlefield scene, the Grenade Launcher replaced the Stickybomb Launcher, but after an explosion sends him flying out of his wheelchair, the weapon that lands in front of him is, mysteriously, the Stickybomb Launcher instead of the Grenade Launcher he was just holding.
  • In the up-close scene of the Demoman fleeing the Soldiers, the Engineer and Sniper are missing.
  • The Quick-Fix uses sounds from the Medi Gun.
  • Despite the Quick-Fix being incapable of providing invulnerability in-game, the Medic is able to use it to make the Heavy invulnerable via an ÜberCharge. The fourth day of the Über Update explains that the Quick-Fix's first ÜberCharge, seen in the video, permanently shorted out the invulnerability feature of the gun.
  • Although the Heavy was ÜberCharged, his Minigun doesn't glow in team colors as in the game.
  • After the Heavy kills the Soldiers onscreen and continues to fire at unseen enemies, the Medic poses as in the "Meet the Medic" taunt. A medi-beam is no longer connected to the Heavy, yet the Heavy continues to be ÜberCharged.
  • At 3:16, while the Heavy is ÜberCharged, a rocket hits him and explodes on contact. However, at 3:22 and 3:26, rockets are seen bouncing off the Heavy and exploding.
  • While the Heavy is hiding behind the truck, the army of Soldiers are wearing various hats such as the Soldier's Stash, Stainless Pot, Lumbricus Lid, and Proof of Purchase.
    • Also, when Heavy steps on top of the Soldier's head, the Soldier is seen wearing an Armored Authority, released on the same date as the Über Update.
  • In the final scene, the Engineer is strumming A Little Heart to Heart. Next to him is a Ciggy Stop vending machine, identical to the one in the Intelligence room in Meet the Spy.
  • In the waiting room, the Pyro is reading a magazine called "MAN MAN", which features the RED Spy and Scout on the cover and has The Insult That Made a "Jarate Master" Out of Sniper on the back cover. Pyro is also seen reading this same magazine in Expiration Date.
  • Since the June 17, 2011 Patch, a dove sometimes flies out of gibbed Scouts. This foreshadowed the final gag of the video, where Archimedes is left inside the Scout's chest after his operation.
  • It was revealed in the Source Filmmaker introduction video that the hospital battle scene is actually a modified version of Badwater Basin.
  • In some leaked developer files of Source Filmmaker, some stills of an old version of Meet The Medic can be found featuring an injured Scout, Soldier, Demoman, and Heavy. However, their bandages and wounds were clearly edited in post.
    • Concept art from the final scene can be found in the files as well.
  • The Voodoo-Cursed Soul models of Scout, Demoman, Heavy, and Medic reflect the classes' injuries and blood stains portrayed in the video.


On July 11, 2011, the TF2 Team posted several outtakes from Meet the Medic on the TF2 Official Website, three of which depict the Medic speaking with an American accent and narrating his invention of the Medi Gun.[5]

Don't You Die On Me! My Darkest Moment
Kill Me Making Gods


  • The hospital in one of the hidden images resembles the Pacific Tower close to Valve headquarters in Seattle, USA.
  • According to an article posted on the TF2 Official Website on July 11, 2011, Meet the Medic was originally intended to be an interview-style video, similar to the earlier Meet the Team videos. The video would have explained how the Medic accidentally discovered the healing formula used for his Medi Gun and its ability to ÜberCharge. It was scrapped because the animators thought that it didn't really reflect what people truly thought of when they hear "the Medic".
    • Robin Atkin Downes, the Medic's voice actor, uploaded a short snippet of himself recording the lines for this Meet the Team short, as well as a redubbed version of the outtakes with the Medic's voice.
    • In the second outtake (My Darkest Moment), the Spy, who shoots the blood bag and is then decapitated and used as a blood resource, appears to be on the same team as the Medic (RED). However, the mask on his head can be seen to change color to blue once it is separated from his body, indicating that he was the disguised BLU Spy.
    • In the outtake Kill Me, the Medic shoots more than 6 bullets with the Revolver.
      • It can also be noted that the healing formula created in the outtake is made of Jarate, a Sandvich, a small Medkit, and blood while being charged with electricity from broken equipment.
  • On June 20, 2013, a level was added to Surgeon Simulator 2013 that allows the player to perform the operation depicted in the video as the Medic on the Heavy. The various tools found in the game are also replaced with TF2 weapons, such as the Knife and Bonesaw.
    • The achievements awarded for completing different tasks in the level are named after quotes from Meet the Medic, such as "Don't Be Such A Baby, Ribs Grow Back!" and "Let's Go Practice Medicine."
  • The old lobby for Competitive Mode had a background featuring a magazine with the "True Story of The Buddy Who Wouldn't Die", with a recreation of the "Don't You Die on Me!" outtake.


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