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Possible Scout Strange quality items
Primary Scattergun 23 49 Festive Scattergun 35 Silver Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I N/A Gold Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I N/A Rust Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I N/A Blood Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I N/A Carbonado Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I N/A Diamond Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I N/A
Scattergun Festive Scattergun Silver Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I 1 Gold Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I 1 Rust Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I 1 Blood Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I 1 Carbonado Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I 1 Diamond Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I 1
Silver Botkiller Scattergun Mk.II N/A Gold Botkiller Scattergun Mk.II N/A Australium Scattergun N/A Backcountry Blaster Scattergun N/A Festive Backcountry Blaster Scattergun N/A Nutcracker Scattergun N/A Festive Nutcracker Scattergun N/A Spruce Deuce Scattergun N/A
Silver Botkiller Scattergun Mk.II 1 Gold Botkiller Scattergun Mk.II 1 Australium Scattergun 1 [[Backcountry Blaster|Template:Dictionary/items/backcountry blaster]] 7 Festive Backcountry Blaster 9 [[Nutcracker Scattergun|Template:Dictionary/items/nutcracker scattergun]] 7 Festive Nutcracker Scattergun 9 [[Spruce Deuce|Template:Dictionary/items/spruce deuce]] 8
Festive Spruce Deuce Scattergun N/A Country Crusher Scattergun N/A Festive Country Crusher Scattergun N/A Macabre Web Scattergun N/A Festive Macabre Web Scattergun N/A Coffin Nail Scattergun N/A Festive Coffin Nail Scattergun N/A Tartan Torpedo Scattergun N/A
Festive Spruce Deuce 9 [[Country Crusher|Template:Dictionary/items/country crusher]] 8 Festive Country Crusher 9 [[Macabre Web Scattergun|Template:Dictionary/items/macabre web scattergun]] 8 Festive Macabre Web Scattergun 9 [[Coffin Nail Scattergun|Template:Dictionary/items/coffin nail scattergun]] 8 Festive Coffin Nail Scattergun 9 [[Tartan Torpedo|Template:Dictionary/items/tartan torpedo]] 8
Festive Tartan Torpedo Scattergun N/A Night Terror Scattergun 93 Festive Night Terror Scattergun N/A Current Event Scattergun 94 Festive Current Event Scattergun N/A Flower Power Scattergun 99 Festive Flower Power Scattergun N/A Shot to Hell Scattergun 99
Festive Tartan Torpedo 9 [[Night Terror Scattergun|Template:Dictionary/items/night terror scattergun]] Festive Night Terror 9 [[Current Event Scattergun|Template:Dictionary/items/current event scattergun]] Festive Current Event 9 [[Flower Power Scattergun|Template:Dictionary/items/flower power scattergun]] Festive Flower Power Scattergun 9 [[Shot to Hell Scattergun|Template:Dictionary/items/shot to hell scattergun]]
Festive Shot to Hell Scattergun N/A Blue Mew Scattergun 99 Festive Blue Mew Scattergun N/A Corsair Scattergun 100 Festive Corsair Scattergun N/A Killer Bee Scattergun 100 Festive Killer Bee Scattergun N/A Force-A-Nature 47
Festive Shot to Hell Scattergun 9 [[Blue Mew Scattergun|Template:Dictionary/items/blue mew scattergun]] Festive Blue Mew Scattergun 9 [[Corsair Scattergun|Template:Dictionary/items/corsair scattergun]] Festive Corsair Scattergun 9 [[Killer Bee Scattergun|Template:Dictionary/items/killer bee scattergun]] Festive Killer Bee Scattergun 9 Force-A-Nature
Australium Force-A-Nature N/A Festive Force-A-Nature 78 Shortstop 43 Soda Popper 33 Baby Face's Blaster 55 Back Scatter 103
Australium Force-A-Nature 1 Festive Force-A-Nature Shortstop Soda Popper Baby Face's Blaster Back Scatter
Secondary Pistol 23 42 Local Hero Pistol N/A Festive Local Hero Pistol N/A Nutcracker Pistol N/A Festive Nutcracker Pistol N/A Dressed to Kill Pistol N/A Festive Dressed to Kill Pistol N/A Hickory Hole-Puncher Pistol N/A
Pistol [[Local Hero|Template:Dictionary/items/local hero]] 7 Festive Local Hero 9 [[Nutcracker Pistol|Template:Dictionary/items/nutcracker pistol]] 7 Festive Nutcracker Pistol 9 [[Dressed to Kill Pistol|Template:Dictionary/items/dressed to kill pistol]] 7 Festive Dressed to Kill Pistol 9 [[Hickory Hole-Puncher|Template:Dictionary/items/hickory hole-puncher]] 8
Festive Hickory Hole-Puncher Pistol N/A Macabre Web Pistol N/A Festive Macabre Web Pistol N/A Homemade Heater Pistol N/A Festive Homemade Heater Pistol N/A Red Rock Roscoe Pistol 93 Festive Red Rock Roscoe Pistol N/A Sandstone Special Pistol 94
Festive Hickory Hole-Puncher 9 [[Macabre Web Pistol|Template:Dictionary/items/macabre web pistol]] 8 Festive Macabre Web Pistol 9 [[Homemade Heater|Template:Dictionary/items/homemade heater]] 8 Festive Homemade Heater 9 [[Red Rock Roscoe Pistol|Template:Dictionary/items/red rock roscoe pistol]] Festive Red Rock Roscoe 9 [[Sandstone Special|Template:Dictionary/items/sandstone special]]
Festive Sandstone Special Pistol N/A Black Dahlia Pistol 94 Festive Black Dahlia Pistol N/A Brain Candy Pistol 99 Festive Brain Candy Pistol N/A Shot to Hell Pistol 99 Festive Shot to Hell Pistol N/A Blue Mew Pistol 99
Festive Sandstone Special 9 [[Black Dahlia|Template:Dictionary/items/black dahlia]] Festive Black Dahlia 9 [[Brain Candy Pistol|Template:Dictionary/items/brain candy pistol]] Festive Brain Candy Pistol 9 [[Shot to Hell Pistol|Template:Dictionary/items/shot to hell pistol]] Festive Shot to Hell Pistol 9 [[Blue Mew Pistol|Template:Dictionary/items/blue mew pistol]]
Festive Blue Mew Pistol N/A Blitzkrieg Pistol 100 Festive Blitzkrieg Pistol N/A C.A.P.P.E.R 97 Bonk! Atomic Punch 71 Festive Bonk! Atomic Punch 88 Crit-A-Cola 75 Mad Milk 31
Festive Blue Mew Pistol 9 [[Blitzkrieg Pistol|Template:Dictionary/items/blitzkrieg pistol]] Festive Blitzkrieg Pistol 9 C.A.P.P.E.R Bonk! Atomic Punch Festive Bonk! Atomic Punch Crit-a-Cola Mad Milk
Mutated Milk N/A Winger 90 Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol N/A Flying Guillotine 56
Mutated Milk 4 Winger Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol 2 Flying Guillotine
Melee Bat 41 Festive Bat 35 Necro Smasher N/A Crossing Guard 87 Batsaber 97 Sandman 23 Holy Mackerel 30 Festive Holy Mackerel 52
Bat Festive Bat Necro Smasher 5 Crossing Guard Batsaber Sandman Holy Mackerel Festive Holy Mackerel
Boston Basher 23 Candy Cane 92 Fan O'War 60 Atomizer 34 Wrap Assassin 54
Boston Basher Candy Cane Fan O'War Atomizer Wrap Assassin
Cosmetic Bonk Boy N/A Boston Boom-Bringer N/A Ticket Boy N/A Thirst Blood 86 Claws And Infect N/A Crazy Legs N/A Fowl Fists N/A Head Hunter N/A
Bonk Boy 3 Boston Boom-Bringer 3 Ticket Boy 3 Thirst Blood Claws And Infect 6 Crazy Legs 6 Fowl Fists 6 Head Hunter 6
Nugget Noggin N/A Talon Trotters N/A Brooklyn Booties 87 Thermal Tracker 87 Co-Pilot 89 Courtier's Collar 89 Harlequin's Hooves 89 Mountebank's Masque 89
Nugget Noggin 6 Talon Trotters 6 Brooklyn Booties Thermal Tracker Co-Pilot Courtier's Collar Harlequin's Hooves Mountebank's Masque
Flak Jack 95 Fortunate Son 95 Cadet Visor 97 B'aaarrgh-n-Bicorne 98 B'aaarrgh-n-Britches 98 Death Racer's Helmet 98 Thrilling Tracksuit 98 Bonk Batter's Backup 101
Flak Jack Fortunate Son Cadet Visor B'aaarrgh-n-Bicorne B'aaarrgh-n-Britches Death Racer's Helmet Thrilling Tracksuit Bonk Batter's Backup
Hot Heels 101 Herald's Helm 102 Airdog 102 Squire's Sabatons 102 Courtly Cuirass 102 Argyle Ace N/A Backwards Ballcap N/A Baseball Bill's Sports Shine N/A
Hot Heels Herald's Helm Airdog Squire's Sabatons Courtly Cuirass Argyle Ace 10 Backwards Ballcap 10 Baseball Bill's Sports Shine 10
Big Elfin Deal N/A Bigg Mann on Campus N/A Bolt Boy N/A Bonk Helm N/A Bonk Leadwear N/A Bootie Time N/A Caffeine Cooler N/A Chucklenuts N/A
Big Elfin Deal 10 Bigg Mann on Campus 10 Bolt Boy 10 Bonk Helm 10 Bonk Leadwear 10 Bootie Time 10 Caffeine Cooler 10 Chucklenuts 10
Cool Cat Cardigan N/A Delinquent's Down Vest N/A Digit Divulger N/A Dillinger's Duffel N/A Fast Learner N/A Fed-Fightin' Fedora N/A Flapjack N/A Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood N/A
Cool Cat Cardigan 10 Delinquent's Down Vest 10 Digit Divulger 10 Dillinger's Duffel 10 Fast Learner 10 Fed-Fightin' Fedora 10 Flapjack 10 Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood 10
Front Runner N/A Greased Lightning N/A Half-Pipe Hurdler N/A Hermes N/A Little Drummer Mann N/A Paisley Pro N/A Pomade Prince N/A Red Socks N/A
Front Runner 10 Greased Lightning 10 Half-Pipe Hurdler 10 Hermes 10 Little Drummer Mann 10 Paisley Pro 10 Pomade Prince 10 Red Socks 10
Runner's Warm-Up N/A Scout Shako N/A Southie Shinobi N/A Spooky Shoes N/A Stereoscopic Shades N/A Track Terrorizer N/A Troublemaker's Tossle Cap N/A Ye Oiled Baker Boy N/A
Runner's Warm-Up 10 Scout Shako 10 Southie Shinobi 10 Spooky Shoes 10 Stereoscopic Shades 10 Track Terrorizer 10 Troublemaker's Tossle Cap 10 Ye Oiled Baker Boy 10
Ye Olde Baker Boy N/A Beep Boy N/A Champ Stamp N/A Frenchman's Formals N/A Macho Mann N/A Mutton Mann N/A Sole Saviors N/A Spooky Sleeves N/A
Ye Olde Baker Boy 10 Beep Boy 11 Champ Stamp 11 Frenchman's Formals 11 Macho Mann 11 Mutton Mann 11 Sole Saviors 11 Spooky Sleeves 11
Teufort Tooth Kicker N/A Triad Trinket N/A Weight Room Warmer N/A Pestering Jester 104 Wing Mann 104 Electric Twanger 105 Reader's Choice 105 Snowwing 105
Teufort Tooth Kicker 11 Triad Trinket 11 Weight Room Warmer 11 Pestering Jester Wing Mann Electric Twanger Reader's Choice Snowwing
Lightning Lid 106 Messenger's Mail Bag 106 Pocket Pauling 106 Speedster's Spandex 106 Airborne Attire 106 Aloha Apparel 108 Forest Footwear 107 Jungle Jersey 107
Lightning Lid Messenger's Mail Bag Pocket Pauling Speedster's Spandex Airborne Attire Aloha Apparel Forest Footwear Jungle Jersey
Transparent Trousers 107 Trucker's Topper 117 Antarctic Eyewear 119 Blizzard Britches 119 Punk's Pomp 119 Wipe Out Wraps 119 Athenian Attire 120 Hephaistos' Handcraft 120
Transparent Trousers Trucker's Topper Antarctic Eyewear Blizzard Britches Punk's Pomp Wipe Out Wraps Athenian Attire Hephaistos' Handcraft
Olympic Leapers 120 Catcher's Companion 122 Juvenile's Jumper 122 Millennial Mercenary 122 Bottle Cap 123 Speedy Scoundrel 123 Pompous Privateer 123 Fuel Injector 124
Olympic Leapers Catcher's Companion Juvenile's Jumper Millennial Mercenary Bottle Cap Speedy Scoundrel Pompous Privateer Fuel Injector