June 18, 2014 Patch

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This article is specific to the patch released. For information on the update, see Love & War Update.
Official update page: Love & War

Patch notes

Love and War update.png
  • Love & War Update
    • Added 5 new weapons[1], 15 new taunts[2], and 43 cosmetic items[3] for the Love & War update
    • Partner Taunts can now be performed with the opposing team
    • Added a new Taunt Loadout with 8 slots so multiple taunts can be equipped at the same time
      • Taunts are no longer equipped in the Action Slot
      • Pressing the Taunt key in game now brings up the new Taunt Selection menu
      • Pressing the taunt key while the Taunt Selection menu is open performs a weapon taunt, or joins a partner taunt
  • Mann Co. Store
    • Added 15 new taunts and a taunt bundle
    • Added 5 new weapons and a weapon bundle
    • Added 44 new cosmetics and a cosmetic bundle
    • Added "Taunt" category into the store
    • Added Mann Co. Stockpile Crate Key
    • The "Hats" and "Misc" categories have been merged into "Cosmetics"
  • Weapon changes and updates
    • With The Hitman's Heatmaker, pressing 'reload' now activates focus when it is full
    • The Axtinguisher now does mini-crit damage from the front and full crit damage from behind to burning targets[5]
    • The Bushwacka can no longer randomly crit
    • All mini-guns now have damage and accuracy ramp up after they start firing. Full accuracy and damage is reached 1 second after firing.
    • All Demoman stickybombs now have damage ramp up. Full damage is reached 2 seconds after firing.
    • Updated Loch-n-Load reload animation
    • Sentry bullets are now affected by damage falloff outside of sentry scan range
    • Sentry bullet damage has been changed so it calculates damage based on the sentry's position, not the Engineer's
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an exploit where charging Demoman could turn more than allowed
    • Fixed a bug where Halloween spellbooks were overriding PDAs and Disguise Kits
    • Fixed The Director's Vision taunt not playing both variations for the Pyro
    • Fixed the Pyro's spell audio not sounding like the rest of the Pyro's audio
    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause items to unequip themselves
    • Fixed a dedicated server crash related to using 'mp_forcecamera 0' with one player on the server
    • Fixed a regression with the trigger_gravity entity not correctly applying its settings
    • Fixed another exploit where Engineer buildings could build up a large amount of health
    • Fixed a server performance issue related to the item_teamflag entity
    • Fixed the itemtest command
      • Fixed cosmetics shared between multiple classes not rendering correctly
      • Updated the cosmetic item list to sort by name
  • Map Fixes
    • Updated cp_granary
      • Removed collision from lights and small props protruding from walls
      • Fixed collision on fences
      • Fixed the tire props near Blu's forward spawn so players may no longer jump up to the spawn door platform
      • Fixed players shooting through gaps around forward spawn doors
      • Fixed door protruding through roof on Red's forward spawn
      • Fixed a collision bug that gave players access to the roof above Red's spawn door
      • Prevented players from building inside spawn room doors
      • Adjusted area portals to improve rendering and performance
    • Updated koth_harvest_final
      • Added metal panel prop to Blu building, which now mirrors the jump up on the Red side
      • Small performance increase through prop fade adjustments
      • Players can no longer build inside spawn doors
    • Updated pl_upward

Undocumented changes

  • Added 29 new achievements.
  • Added Summer Adventure 2014 promo items.[7]
  • Added new voice lines for the Administrator for Payload Race.
  • Added unused broken models for the Scottish Handshake and Neon Annihilator.
  • Fixed the reload of Soldier primary weapons (other than the Rocket Launcher) to show rockets in first person.
  • Fixed the air canister and trigger of the Overdose not moving when reloading and firing.
  • Fixed the Winger and Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol's clip sticking out of the gun after reload.
  • Fixed Doomsday lagging every time the Australium respawned.
  • The Loose Cannon's cannonball explosions now use a deeper sound.
  • The Tomislav's sounds are now lower-pitched.
  • The scoreboard now displays support points and damage dealt on non-MvM maps.
  • Bottle no longer breaks upon crit impact.
  • Updated the Festive lights.
  • Updated various weapon models to use the new arm bone system.
  • Added nine new Unusual particle effects specific to Unusual taunts.[8]


  1. Back Scatter, B.A.S.E. Jumper, Tide Turner, Classic, and Air Strike
  2. Battin' A Thousand, Deep Fried Desire, Fresh Brewed Victory, Party Trick, Spent Well Spirits, Oblooterated, Rancho Relaxo, Results Are In, I See You, Buy A Life, Conga, Square Dance, SkullCracker, Flippin' Awesome and Rock, Paper, Scissors
  3. Argyle Ace, Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood, Paisley Pro, Pomade Prince, Red Socks, Southie Shinobi, Classified Coif, Man in Slacks, Spook Specs, Combustible Kabuto, Employee of the Mmmph, Frymaster, Gas Guzzler, Lunatic's Leathers, Senguko Scorcher, Smoking Skid Lid, Allbrero, Frontier Djustice, Razor Cut, Seeing Double, Six Pack Abs, Yuri's Revenge, Danger, Egghead's Overalls, Endothermic Exowear, Joe-on-the-Go, Level Three Chin, Lonesome Loafers, Peacenik's Ponytail, Tools of the Trade, Chronoscarf, Medicine Manpurse, Ze Übermensch, Scoper's Smoke, Triggerman's Tacticals, Au Courant Assassin, Aviator Assassin, Rogue's Robe, Sky Captain, Merc's Mohawk, Bruiser's Bandanna, Eye-Catcher, Tipped Lid and Vive La France
  4. Mutated Milk, Bread Bite, Self-Aware Beauty Mark, and Snack Attack
  5. Also applied to Postal Pummeler
  6. Scattergun, Pistol, Bat, Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Fire Axe, Bottle, Wrench, PDA, Syringe Gun, Medi Gun, Bonesaw and Sniper Rifle
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