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The Sniper

Like many video games, Team Fortress 2 changed significantly over the course of its development. Decisions as to how the gameplay would work changed, such as whether or not grenades would be used like they were in Team Fortress Classic. An item might have been cut simply because it was replaced by something better, like the Soldier's medals, and sometimes content was cut due to the change in the game's style. Listed on this page are weapons, items, and other odds and ends that were cut from the game, but in most cases left over in some form in the game's .vpk files as unused content.


Name Notes
Civilian Unused gamemode specific-class. Was to be escorted from one point on a map to another, functioning as a playable Payload bomb cart.
Commander Non-physical class removed during Team Fortress 2's development. Was to oversee the map, provide aerial support, place buildings, and communicate tactics to teammates.


Primary weapons

Name Class Replacement Notes
Nail Gun Scout Scattergun Wielded by the Scout in Trailer 2. Team Fortress Classic weapon.
Heraldic Targe Demoman Unknown Assumed to have been a replacement for The Chargin' Targe, but its true function is unknown. The Heraldic Targe was revealed in the December 23, 2010 Patch.
Ludmila Heavy Natascha Primary fire would have functioned like that of the regular Minigun, whereas secondary fire would have dealt less damage, but drain health from enemies hit, in a manner virtually identical to the Blutsauger. The downside would have been the inability to spin the weapon prematurely.
Walkabout Sniper Huntsman Would have allowed the player to walk at normal speed while sniping, with the downside being reduced damage and no zooming/charging abilities.
Tranquilizer Gun Spy Revolver Wielded by the Spy in Trailer 1. Team Fortress Classic weapon.

Secondary weapons

Name Class Replacement Notes
Backpack Scout Bonk! Atomic Punch Would have allowed the Scout to pick up items such as Health, Ammo, and Metal and drop them in the field for easier access to allies.
Dynamite Pack Demoman Stickybomb Launcher Would have exploded into several dynamite sticks that scatter and explode in turn. See MIRV Grenade. Wielded by the Demoman in both Trailers 1 and 2.
Instant Teleport Engineer Eureka Effect Would have allowed the Engineer to instantly teleport back to his teleport exit.
Medi Gun Beta 1 Medic None Would have permanently boosted a player's health to 150% of their maximum but healed at half the rate of the Medi Gun.
Overhealer Medic Kritzkrieg Would have permanently boosted a player's health to 200% of their maximum with the ÜberCharge meter filling either very slowly or not at all.
Syringe Medic Medi Gun Would heal allies on injection. Wielded by the Medic in Trailer 1.

Melee weapons

Name Class Replacement Notes
Catcher's Mitt Scout None Would have allowed the Scout to catch enemy projectiles and throw them back, dealing the same damage as the caught object.
Flyswatter Soldier None A kill icon is included in the GCF, and the weapon is used in a promotional image for the Very Scary Halloween Special.
Baleful Beacon Pyro None This weapon was created specifically for the Halloween Update 2011. Texture files were released during the Very Scary Halloween Special.
Branding Iron Pyro Fire Axe Within the game_sounds_weapons.txt file, the Fire Axe has the heading "BRANDING IRON".
Lead Pipe Heavy Fists The model and sound references in the game_sounds_weapons.txt file are the only parts left in-game.
Club Sniper Kukri The Kukri is still called the club internally.
Crowbar All classes other than Engineer and Spy Stock melee weapons Team Fortress Classic weapon.
Beer Stein Unknown None Only the model was included in the game files, with no indication of intended class.


The only projectile Grenades in Team Fortress 2 are those fired from the Demoman's Grenade Launcher, Loch-n-Load, and Loose Cannon. The Soldier does utilize a grenade for a taunt, but does not throw it.

They were a strong feature of Team Fortress Classic, and were scrapped during the early testing stages of Team Fortress 2. Developers have revealed this choice was due to gameplay concerns with how they were used, such as Spamming, certain potential exploits, and general over-reliance on them as a whole.

Each class was set to have primary and secondary grenades, with the primary grenades being Frag Grenades and secondary grenades possessing more specialized functions. There is still code pertaining to thrown grenades in the server_i486.so file as well as keybinds (+grenade1 and +grenade2).

Several grenade types are modeled, some of which are updated versions of those found in Team Fortress Classic and some of which are new designs. Sounds for thrown grenades can also be found in the game files.

An unobtainable crafting item called a "Grenade Token" used to exist, but was removed with the Mann-Conomy Update.

Name Class Notes
Concussion Grenade Scout Team Fortress Classic weapon.
Nail Grenade Soldier Team Fortress Classic weapon.
Napalm Grenade Pyro Team Fortress Classic weapon. The Pyro carries three unusable napalm grenades on his belt.
Dynamite Pack Demoman Wielded by Demoman in Trailer 1 and Trailer 2. Changed to a secondary weapon, then replaced by the Stickybomb Launcher.
EMP Grenade Engineer Team Fortress Classic weapon.
Heal Grenade Medic Based on the class that carried this grenade, it is possible that it would have healed teammates upon detonation.
Gas Grenade Spy Team Fortress Classic weapon.
Frag Grenade All classes other than Scout Team Fortress Classic weapon. The Soldier carries two unusable frag grenades on his belt and uses one in the Equalizer and Escape Plan taunts. RED version reappeared as a decoration of the Mann vs. Machine Upgrade Store.
Bear Trap Unknown Possibly would have had the same functionality as the Team Fortress Classic caltrops. RED version reappeared as a decoration of the Mann vs. Machine Upgrade Store.


Name Notes
Repair Node Was to act as a replacement for the Teleporter or the Dispenser. Would automatically repair buildings when the Engineer was away from his base.
Recon A scrapped building. It is unknown what the function was. The only remnants of it is a beeping sound.


Name Notes
Turrets The Original design of Team Fortress 2 appears to have had spawn room turrets; several different designs were created, including a large turret and a mini turret, but none of them made it into the final game.


In addition to weapons, several items were created for TF2 that were ultimately never fully implemented or used. All of the items on this page originated from the Team Fortress 2 .vpk files.


Name Class Notes
Bonk'n'Flash Scout A helmet, similar in appearance to the Batter's Helmet, based off of the mask worn by DC Comics superhero "The Flash." The Bonk Boy was designed to replace this hat.
Bullseye's Head Scout Would have been released, along with the Athletic Supporter, the Superfan and the Essential Accessories as part of the promotion for purchasing Monday Night Combat on Steam before February 1, 2011.
ID Badge All classes An unused ID Badge that would have been able to be used with the Decal Tool. As of the November 11, 2013 Patch, the files for this were removed.
Legionaire's Lid Soldier Description reads "An antique from the late Imperial Gallic period".
Mummy Eyes Pyro An unused item found in the game's files after the Scream Fortress 2013 update that would have wrapped the Pyro's mask in bandages to resemble an Egyptian Mummy, and crack open the Pyro's mask goggles to reveal small pupils when worn. The data for this item was removed in the November 1, 2013 Patch.
Sam's Hat All classes Would have been released, along with Max's Severed Head, the Lugermorph, and the Big Kill as part of the week-long cross promotion for purchasing Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse on Steam.

Action Items

Name Class Notes
Noise Makers All classes Three unused noise makers exist in the game files, through icons and sound files: one from the Scream Fortress updated called "Spooky," one from the Shogun Pack called "Yell," and one from the Japan Charity Bundle called "Prayer Bowl."
Valve Store Shipment Box All classes Single use action item without any texture. Function unknown.


Name Class Notes
taunt_come_and_get_me Scout The Scout puts his arms out and wags his lower body in a challenging and somewhat suggestive way.
N/A Soldier The Soldier would stomp his feet, cross his arms then show something off.
taunt_gimme_20 Soldier The Soldier first points at his enemy and then at the ground.
taunt_slit_throat Soldier The Soldier looks at his enemy and makes a gesture across his throat in a threatening manner.
taunt_sit Pyro The Pyro quickly sits down with his head in his hands, exactly like he did in the True Meaning comic, before jump-standing up again. This also references a small meme with the Pyro that came from that comic. Similar to Pool Party.
N/A Demoman A battle cry-like taunt that resembles the Demoman's shout of "Let's do it!" in Meet the Demoman.
N/A Heavy The Heavy would lift his leg then show something off.
taunt_big_gorrila Heavy The Heavy pounds his chest with his fists like a gorilla.
taunt_russian Heavy The Heavy does a Ukrainian Cossack Dance.
N/A Engineer The Engineer would take out his guitar and play a long tune on it.
N/A Engineer The Engineer would wiggle around uncomfortably, then vomit.
N/A Engineer The Engineer puts down his Shotgun and taps his hardhat.
taunt_saxophone Sniper The Sniper appears to play a saxophone, then bows and tips his hat when he finishes. Even though unused in the game, it was used in the Expiration Date animation.


Name Notes
Prototype rideable cart models Two prototype rideable cart bomb cars were created and leftover in the TF2 files. Neither model has textures, as both appear to be very early models. However, these rideable carts have been seen in some custom maps. A slightly different rideable cart exists in Frontier.
Prototype cart bomb Listed as a spytech cart bomb. Unfinished model based off of this piece of concept artwork.


Name Notes
intruder_alert_midi.midi A rendition--perhaps the original version--of Intruder Alert in MIDI format. All of the instruments are set to "piano", including the percussion.
tf_music_upgrade_machine.wav A 1-minute loop of elevator music that presumably would play in Mann vs. Machine when players were at an Upgrade Station.
bonus_round_30.wav A 30 second clip of timpani drums on two notes, at a fast tempo. Unknown function, though it may be related to Asteroid and Robot Destruction.

Other items

Name Item Type Notes
Camera World item Its ultimate in-game purpose is unknown but is believed that it was a feature for recording without using demo files which can be made using the developer's console. It has a highly detailed model, bearing the brand name Arr!, a play on the Arri line of cameras.
Old flags World item Prior to using Intelligence briefcases for CTF mode, several flags bearing the faces of Valve employees were used as placeholders.
Decapitation models Aesthetic item Released along with the Eyelander, assumed to be scrapped models that would have been placed at the player's neck, when decapitated by the Eyelander. Only the Soldier's model was included in the GCF, but it is assumed all players would have had their own model, in a similar fashion to All class cosmetics
Scroll Pickup Included as part of the Australian Christmas update. Its intended use is unknown, though it is in the DeGroot Keep materials folder.
Ticket Booth Prop Included as part of the Australian Christmas update. Its intended use is unknown, though it is in the DeGroot Keep materials folder.
Unused kill icons Icon Several unused kill icons exist in the game files, including an alternate Ambassador headshot image, an alternate level 1 Sentry Gun image, and an explosion image.
Alternate Deathcam UI User interface Alternate version of the deathcam function. Would have depicted the captured deathcam screenshot landing on top of a pile of other pictures, all of which appear to have been taken from beta versions of the game.
Tobor Unknown Unused texture added in the Mac Update.
Unused Item qualities Quality Three unused item qualities exist, named Completed, Rarity2, and Rarity3. The hexidecimal colors for Rarity2 and Rarity3 are #8D834B and #70550F respectively. Completed has no associated color.
Other Unused Textures Classes There are several unused textures in the game files, some include weapons and others include beta class textures, and some weapon textures, like Bottle's BLU texture.
Unused Unusual effects Particle(s) During the Mann-Conomy Update and the Very Scary Halloween Special, several particle effects were added that went unused.
Burning animations Animation(s) The GCF contains 8 unused class specific death animations to all but the Pyro, presumably for death by burn damage.
serving_platter World item A texture-less restaurant plate with a skull. This was found on the taunts folder, however, no correspondent animation for a class or voices was found on the game files.
Badlands textures Textures There are several textures in the Badlands folder that are not used on the map. These models include a jetpack, a helmet, a laser and many more.

Unused item attributes

Name Function Description
Attrib_OverhealDecay_Disabled Overheal bonus doesn't decay The primary attribute of the removed Overhealer
Attrib_FistsHaveRadialBuff On Kill: +50 health on nearby teammates

On Kill: +10% Crit Chance on nearby teammates

Former attribute of the K.G.B.
Attrib_DmgPenaltyVsNonStunned  %s1% damage vs non-stunned players Previous downside of the Sandman
Attrib_ZoomSpeedMod_Disabled No move speed penalty from zoom Walkabout's positive attribute
Attrib_SniperNoCharge No zoom or damage charge Walkabout's downside
Attrib_SniperCharge_Per_Sec Increased or decreased charge rate Walkabout's upside/downside
Attrib_SniperZoom_Penalty Decreased scope sight Walkabout's downside
Attrib_SniperNoHeadshots No headshots Walkabout's downside
Attrib_NoDoubleJump Disables double jump on wearer Former negative attribute of the Sandman before it was changed to -15 health
Attrib_AbsorbDmgWhileCloaked Absorbs %s1% damage while cloaked Completely unused attribute indicating new Cloak type
Attrib_RocketLauncherSeeker Fires laser guided rockets Removed Rocket Launcher. It is unknown whether this attribute retains its functionality
Attrib_ChargedAirblast Airblast can now be charged, which will push enemies further Degreaser design experiment. Works, but has no HUD elements to show it.
Attrib_AirblastCost_Increased +%s1% airblast cost Degreaser design experiment.
Attrib_AirblastCost_Decreased  %s1% airblast cost Degreaser design experiment.

Mann vs. Machine


These are unused robot templates that exist in the game files.

Scout Robot

Icon Name Melee Attributes
Scout Holy Mackerel
Holy Mackerel

Icon Name Melee Attributes
Wrap Assassin Wrap Assassin
Wrap Assassin

Icon Name Primary Attributes
Giant Scout Scattergun
Pictogram plus.png 1,600 HP
Pictogram plus.png +30% knockback resistance

Icon Name Melee Hat Misc 1 Misc 2 Attributes
Scout stun
Major League Sandman
Summer Shades
Summer Shades
Boston Boom-Bringer
Boston Boom-Bringer
Pictogram plus.png 10,000 HP
Pictogram plus.png +800% move speed

Pyro Robot

Icon Name Primary Hat Attributes
Giant Airblast Pyro Degreaser
Dead Cone
Dead Cone
Pictogram plus.png 3,000 HP
Pictogram plus.png Airblast pushes opponents with 5 times the force
Pictogram plus.png +40% knockback resistance
Pictogram minus.png -99.5% damage penalty
Pictogram minus.png -50% move speed

Icon Name Primary Attributes
Chief Pyro Flamethrower
Flame Thrower
Pictogram plus.png 55,000 HP
Pictogram plus.png Airblast pushes opponents with 2 times the force
Pictogram plus.png +40% knockback resistance
Pictogram plus.png Regenerates 500 HP per second
Pictogram minus.png -50% move speed

Demoman Robot

Icon Name Primary Secondary Melee Hat Attributes
Chief Tavish Ali Baba's Wee Booties
Ali Baba's Wee Booties
Chargin' Targe
Chargin' Targe
Prince Tavish's Crown
Prince Tavish's Crown
Pictogram plus.png 55,000 HP
Pictogram plus.png +40% knockback resistance
Pictogram plus.png Regenerates 500 HP per second
Pictogram minus.png -50% move speed

Heavy Robot

Icon Name Melee Hat Misc Attributes
Heavy mittens
Heavy Mittens Holiday Punch
Holiday Punch
Point and Shoot
Point and Shoot
Pictogram info.png 35% smaller in size

Pictogram plus.png 100% crit chance
Pictogram plus.png +30% faster move speed
Pictogram minus.png 60 HP

Icon Name Primary Attributes
Giant Heavy Natascha
Pictogram plus.png 5,000 HP
Pictogram plus.png +70% knockback resistance
Pictogram plus.png +50% damage bonus
Pictogram minus.png -50% move speed

Icon Name Primary Attributes
Giant Heavy Brass Beast
Brass Beast
Pictogram plus.png 5,000 HP
Pictogram plus.png +70% knockback resistance
Pictogram plus.png +50% damage bonus
Pictogram minus.png -50% move speed

Icon Name Melee Hat Attributes
Heavy champ
Super Heavyweight Champ Killing Gloves of Boxing
Killing Gloves of Boxing
Pugilist's Protector
Pugilist's Protector
Pictogram plus.png 5,000 HP
Pictogram plus.png +70% knockback resistance
Pictogram plus.png +20% damage bonus
Pictogram plus.png +40% attack rate
Pictogram minus.png -50% move speed

Sniper Robot

Icon Name Secondary Hat Attributes
Sniper jarate
Jarate Master Jarate
Desert Marauder
Desert Marauder
Pictogram plus.png +90% recharge rate
Pictogram info.png Game files indicate it was cut for not having a working throwing animation

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