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Basic information
Icon: 71x
(Type ): Human(?)
Gender: Male
Birth place: Russia
Native language: Russian/English
Age: 20
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Leaderboard class scout.png Leaderboard class engineer.png
Favourite maps: cp_manor_event
Favourite weapons: Scattergun Lugermorph Shotgun
Favourite hats: Dr%27s Dapper Topper
Contact information
Steam page: Nikita

"Nothing happens just like that.

Everything has a reason.

Everything makes sense."
Nikita, Russian translator


Hello! My name is Nikita and i like to play Team Fortress 2. For a long time very passionate about this game. I like to play different modes on community servers. I also often play at various tournaments.

Now I have a strong desire to help the TF2 community, it also applies to the official TF2 Wiki! I will do everything in my power and will try hard to support the Russian translation in various articles, as well as to maintain order for the entire official TF2 Wiki as a whole!

My favorite classes are the Scout and Engineer.

About Me

Wiki Related

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TF2 crosshair.png This user is a Team Fortress Wiki translator!
Tf medic heal under fire.png This user has made over 200 edits to the Team Fortress Wiki!
Dead Heat Icon.png As of October 14, 2019,
I have been a TF2 Wiki member for 4 years, 10 months, 29 days.

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Personal Things

Flag Russia.png This user is Russian. Beware of bears!
Tea Icon.png This user drinks far too much tea.
RED Dalokohs Bar.png This user eats far too much chocolate.
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“I'm battin' a thousand!”
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“I told ya don’t touch that darn thing!”
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User LordKelvin Spycheck.png This user HATES Spies.
User Soldier F5.gif This user vigorously mashes F5 upon any new TF2 update.
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Hire Date: July 19, 2014 (13:30:40 GMT)

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Dead Ringer.png This user has spent 2123 hours of his life playing Team Fortress 2!

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Wikichievement Awarded by Reason
Tf play game everymap.png

Parlez-Vous Français?
Provide help translating the Team Fortress Wiki to your language.

VasyaTheWizard Wikichievement unlocked!
Translated the new 3D-views I made for over 45 different pages in just one evening, wew, not to mention updating old, out-of-date translations. Thanks, and keep going!