Smissmas 2017

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This article is for content released in the update. For the patch itself, see December 21, 2017 Patch.
Smissmas 2017
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The Smissmas 2017 update was a seasonal update released on December 21st, 2017. It featured the in-game release of several items, selected by Valve from the Steam Workshop for their outstanding quality. The update added 20 new cosmetic items, 15 new War Paints, and 6 new taunts. Additionally, players who launched the game during the event received a Stuffed Stocking as a gift.


Festivized weapons

Main article: Festivized weapons
Festivized Shortstop Festivized Shortstop
Festivized Soda Popper Festivized Soda Popper
Festivized Winger Festivized Winger
Festivized Holy Mackerel Festivized Holy Mackerel
Festivized Black Box Festivized Black Box
Festivized Air Strike Festivized Air Strike
Festivized Disciplinary Action Festivized Disciplinary Action
Festivized Degreaser Festivized Degreaser
Festivized Dragon's Fury Festivized Dragon's Fury
Festivized Detonator Festivized Detonator
Festivized Scorch Shot Festivized Scorch Shot
Festivized Powerjack Festivized Powerjack
Festivized Back Scratcher Festivized Back Scratcher
Festivized Loch-n-Load Festivized Loch-n-Load
Festivized Loose Cannon Festivized Loose Cannon
Festivized Iron Bomber Festivized Iron Bomber
Festivized Persian Persuader Festivized Persian Persuader
Festivized Claidheamh Mòr Festivized Claidheamh Mòr
Festivized Scotsman's Skullcutter Festivized Scotsman's Skullcutter
Festivized Brass Beast Festivized Brass Beast
Festivized Tomislav Festivized Tomislav
Festivized Family Business Festivized Family Business
Festivized Rescue Ranger Festivized Rescue Ranger
Festivized Crusader's Crossbow Festivized Crusader's Crossbow
Festivized Ubersaw Festivized Ubersaw
Festivized Amputator Festivized Amputator
Festivized Bazaar Bargain Festivized Bazaar Bargain
Festivized Shahanshah Festivized Shahanshah
Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier
Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro
Festivized Reserve Shooter Festivized Reserve Shooter
Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier
Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro
Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy
Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer
Festivized Panic Attack Festivized Panic Attack

Cosmetic items

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Brass Bucket Brass Bucket
Burning Beanie Burning Beanie
Cat's Pajamas Cat's Pajamas
Blast Blocker Blast Blocker
Hungover Hero Hungover Hero
Melody of Misery Melody of Misery
Polar Bear Polar Bear
Sinner's Shade Sinner's Shade
Wild West Whiskers Wild West Whiskers
Coldfront Carapace Coldfront Carapace
Coldfront Commander Coldfront Commander
Down Tundra Coat Down Tundra Coat
Handsome Hitman Handsome Hitman
Puffy Polar Cap Puffy Polar Cap
Leaderboard class scout.png Scout
Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer
Trucker's Topper Trucker's Topper
Balloonihoodie Balloonihoodie
Caribou Companion Caribou Companion
Pocket Santa Pocket Santa
Pocket Yeti Pocket Yeti
Sledder's Sidekick Sledder's Sidekick

War Paints

Main article: War Paint

Mann Co. Events Collection

Winter 2017 Collection


Main article: Taunts
Bunnyhopper Bunnyhopper
Runner's Rhythm Runner's Rhythm
Trackman's Touchdown Trackman's Touchdown
Skating Scorcher Skating Scorcher
Surgeon's Squeezebox Surgeon's Squeezebox
Luxury Lounge Luxury Lounge


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Winter 2017 Cosmetic Case Winter 2017 Cosmetic Case
Winter 2017 Cosmetic Key Winter 2017 Cosmetic Key
Winter 2017 War Paint Case Winter 2017 War Paint Case
Winter 2017 War Paint Key Winter 2017 War Paint Key
Gift-Stuffed Stocking Gift-Stuffed Stocking 2017