Tank Buster

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The Tank Buster
Basic Information
Used by: Soldier
Contributed by: Larolaro
Released: September 30, 2010 Patch
(Mann-Conomy Update)
Items: Black Box, Battalion's Backup, Grenadier's Softcap
Effect: Leave a calling card on your victims
Hmm? "Where are the tanks?", I hear you cry? Gentlemen, I'll have you know I blasted each and every one of those overweight metal sonsofbitches back to their mothers!
The Soldier in the Tank Buster set description

The Tank Buster is an item set for the Soldier. It was contributed as part of the Polycount contest and added to the game in the Mann-Conomy Update.

The Tank Buster
Backpack The Tank Buster Bundle.png

Leave a Calling Card on your victims.

The set includes the following items:

Equipping all three of these items leaves a Calling Card on your victims.


Weapon Kill Icon Ammo
Damage Range Notes / Special Abilities
Black Box
Black Box
Killicon black box.png 3 20 Base: 90

Crit: 270

Pictogram plus.png On hit: restores up to 20 health points.

Pictogram minus.png -25% clip size

Battalion's Backup
Battalion's Backup

Pictogram plus.png Increases max health by 20 points (220 total) on wearer.

Pictogram info.png Provides a defensive buff that protects nearby team members from Critical hit and Mini-crits, blocks 35% of incoming damage and blocks 50% of Sentry Gun's damage.

Pictogram info.png Rage increases through damage dealt.


Update history

September 30, 2010 Patch (Mann-Conomy Update)

  • The Tank Buster was added to the game.

July 10, 2013 Patch

  • Changed attributes:
    • Removed +20% Sentry damage resistance on wearer.
    • Added Leave a calling card on your victims.