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Scream Fortress 2019
¡Mrrr mmmmffff destacados! — ConTracker
The ConTracker is a Main Menu contract-tracking application that may be started by clicking the ConTracker icon on the Main Menu or by using the premium Jungle Inferno ConTracker Backpack Item to "View Contracts". The HUD may also indicate to the player which key to press to open the ConTracker to activate or turn in Contracts.

When opened, the ConTracker appears as a PDA that lets the player navigate, select, and track available Contracts, including, presently, the premium Mercenary Park Contracts of the Jungle Inferno Campaign (if the player has purchased and used the Jungle Inferno Campaign Pass or the Jungle Inferno Contracts Pass) and the free Pyroland Contracts. During Scream Fortress 2017, the application introduced the management of Halloween Contracts. Using this tool, players may browse through available Contracts, view completion rewards, select personalized Contract paths, consider both Primary and Bonus Objectives, activate Contracts, and turn in completed Contracts.

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