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주목받는 문서 — 만화
만화용병들, 그들의 상사, 모험을 만들어 주는 다양한 등장 인물들의 눈을 통해서 "팀 포트리스 2"의 세계를 보여 주는 짧은 이야기입니다.

팀 포트리스 2의 이야기는 연결성이 거의 없는 것이 자랑거리입니다. 몇몇 만화에서는 무기의 근원에 대해 설명해 주기도 하지만, 몇몇 행사는 서로 모순될 때도 있습니다.


자세히 읽기 – 주목받는 문서 프로젝트 – 주목받은 문서 목록
알고 계십니까
  • ...that the Engineer's grandfather, Radigan Conagher, invented many of the Engineer's weapons after receiving one hundred pounds of Australium from Emily in 1890?
  • ...that the Medic was originally supposed to have an over-sized syringe to heal his teammates?
  • ...that Sawmill was the first official map to feature weather effects?
  • ...that it was once possible to stop the Trains on Well?
  • ...that all of the class characters have blue eyes except the Demoman (and possibly the Pyro)?
  • ...The eye color of robots are determined by their difficulty; blue eyes for Easy/Normal and yellow eyes for Hard/Expert?
  • ...that if a Engineer is stunned while he is selecting a place to put down his Buildings, he can still see the blueprint model in thirdperson?
  • ...that the word "piss" is word-filtered to "Jarate" on the Steam Users' Forums?

새로운 사실 추가 – 더 많은 "알고 계십니까..." – 이전에 기재된 사실들
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