Adult Swim commercial

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Adult Swim commercial
Video Info
Released: June 02, 2013
Run time: 0:15

Video transcript


  • The items featured and represented in the commercial are the Breather Bag, Weather Master, Brock's Locks and the Bacteria Blocker. These items (except for Brock's Locks) were all added in the June 3, 2013 Patch.
  • A Soldier, Mann Co. Supply Crate Key, Ghastlier Gibus, Balloonicorn, Saxxy, Robot Chicken Hat and another Soldier appear in the red background when the Heavy chases the Scout.
  • A Demoman appears on the right side of the classes when the camera is zoomed from the television, and is never seen or heard again.
  • In the background at 0:07, a Half-Zatoichi can be seen, along with a wooden Spy plank.