Illustrative Rendering in Team Fortress 2

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Illustrative Rendering in Team Fortress 2
Video Info
Released: August 13, 2007
Run time: 3:34

Illustrative Rendering in Team Fortress 2 is a developer video showing off the creation of "illustrative rendering" as it pertains to Team Fortress 2. It was originally shown at the 2007 International Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering.



  • The color palette in the video would return on the contribute page in order to guide users on how to color certain weapons and hats.
  • The Pyro, Spy, Soldier, Heavy, and Engineer were showing a different type of Phong shading, while in-game they use basic "$phongexponent"s instead of their own "$phongexponenttexture"s.
  • In 0:55, some classes are different in the video. One consistent difference between all classes is that they used their beta heads, found in their gibs.
    • Scout appears to wield the Nailgun which it didn't make it to the final game. His belt buckle is also darker.
    • Soldier's RPG is from Trailers 1 and 2.
    • Pyro has a hose connecting their Flamethrower and gas canister. They also have completely solid emblems (instead of the slightly opaque ones on their final playermodel), and a black gas canister, with a smaller grey one accompanying it.
    • In 0:01, Demoman's class emblem is a stick of dynamite, as in release TF2. In 0:55, Demoman's class emblem is completely blank, like in Meet the Demoman.
    • Heavy's class emblem uses the prerelease skull and crossbones emblem, seen in Meet the Heavy.
    • At 0:28, Spy is seen with lighting and flex errors, giving him a ghoulish appearance. At 0:55, he has an appearance which can be seen in his locker and Ubercharge textures. His Revolver had a wooden grip instead of ivory, giving it a similar appearance to the Festive Revolver.
    • Medic uses his gib head model (with the texture used present on his body texture) & he also holds a black Syringe Gun.
    • At 0:01, Soldier uses a model for his head different to Trailer 1 and Trailer 2. But at 0:55, his head uses its Trailer appearance.