End of the Line (video)

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End of the Line
Video Info
Released: December 8th, 2014
Run time: 14:06

End of the Line is a video that accompanied the End of the Line Update. It shows BLU attacking RED by sending a runaway train filled with bombs towards RED's base.

The video was released by McVee on December 8th, 2014, on YouTube and featured on the Team Fortress 2 website.


Plot summary

The video opens with an outdoors shot of BLU's base. It is the middle of the winter and the BLU Sniper is shown almost completely frozen in the snow. The BLU Soldier passes by, placing a "#2 Sniper" coffee mug next to Sniper, the smell managing to get Sniper to move a little.

Inside, the BLU team is putting the final touches on their train. Soldier and BLU Engineer go over the plans: the train is to leave the base, pick up speed, and then destroy the RED base at the end of the line. Meanwhile the BLU Heavy and Pyro are decorating two Conex cargo containers loaded on flat cars, with a threatening message for the REDs and a whimsical fantasy scene, respectively. Soldier, unimpressed with Pyro's contribution, removes the container from the train, but Pyro puts it back on when the Soldier's back is turned. Finally, the BLU Demoman sets the train on its course, and blows up the controls with dynamite.

Meanwhile, the RED Sniper and RED Scout are keeping watch at a snowy outpost. As Sniper goes in for a break, the ground starts shaking. They both go out to investigate, and the train blitzes past them.

At the RED base, the RED Heavy and RED Medic are trying to play a game of chess; the Heavy does not quite understand the rules of the game, much to the Medic's chagrin. Outside, RED Spy delivers a top secret folder to the RED Soldier, explaining the BLU team's plan. The "end of the line" detailed in the plan happens to be an explosive barrel storeroom, located right next to a kitten shop, an orphanage, and a kitten orphanage. The RED Soldier calls the rest of his team into action using an explosive Flare Gun.

Elsewhere, RED Sniper and RED Scout are trying to intercept the train, using Sniper's van to race after the train as it goes along a narrow mountain gorge. Scout manages to avoid heavy rocks falling and low signals, and successfully reaches the top of the train, uncoupling the train's last boxcar in the process. The Sniper is less lucky and ends up stuck in his van, perilously perched at a cliff edge.

Back at RED's base, RED Spy, Medic, and Heavy are discussing the news. Heavy tries to calm Medic down but is crossly waved off. He goes outside, looking at the mountain ranges in the distance.

After exiting a tunnel, RED Scout investigates the cars on the train. The car with Pyro's decoration is filled with rubber ducks, but the Heavy's car contains a large bomb. Scout manages to defuse the bomb, easily unlocking it (the key for the bomb is located under a doormat with "GO AWAY" written on it), and outsmarting the disarming mechanism (two buttons, both of them labelled "YES" underneath a "Disarm bomb?" sign). Scout is relieved and is about to leave the train, but decides to take a closer look at the container he is in. As he flips the light switch, a whole pile of bombs is revealed at the back of the boxcar.

At the RED base, the team is preparing for the train's arrival. The Medic has dejectedly resigned to twirling a pencil inside his office, with even the Spy unable to convince him to leave. Unable to communicate with Medic any other way, Heavy makes his way to the train tracks, outstretching both his hands gesturing in an attempt to stop the train. Medic notices this and manages to get his Medi Gun just in time, and he ÜberCharges the Heavy just as the train arrives. The impact is immense, destroying the railway tracks and derailing the entire train, but the impact pushes Heavy outside of the ÜberCharge's range. Scout jumps off the train and has to dodge flying debris, pushing Medic down just as a boxcar flies over their heads. The bomb container ends up exploding in the air as it is hit by the duck container. However, the explosive barrel storeroom is unharmed.

The RED team emerges from the wreckage, staring at the ruins of their old base. However, their relief is short-lived, as the boxcar that Scout uncoupled earlier rushes down the tracks. The car, revealed to be full of anvils, effortlessly plows through the other wrecked cars, and rushes down towards the end of the line, coming to a stop just short of the explosive barrels (and a kitten).

Yet again, the RED team's collective sigh of relief is interrupted by the RED Engineer, who reveals himself to be the BLU Spy and takes Medic hostage at knife-point. However, the Heavy emerges from the wreckage, and bends the barrel on BLU Spy's Revolver. He then throws the BLU Spy up in the air, and pummels him into the ground, leaving him in an extremely awkward-looking position. Heavy once again stares at the mountain range in the distance, and turns towards his team with a smirk on his face.

At the BLU base, a train car arrives, filling the main warehouse with smoke and interrupting the BLU Soldier and Engineer. The car is full of charred rubber ducks, covering a BLU bomb. The BLUs barely have time to react before the bomb explodes (although the BLU Pyro survives, distracted by a cat outside).

Over in RED's base, Soldier is taking stock of the damages, checking over the residents of the orphanage, the kitten orphanage, and the kitten store. Medic offers Heavy another game of chess. But during the game, Heavy's hesitation at making his first move causes Medic to angrily flip the table.

The video ends with a shot of RED Sniper, still stuck in his van. Waking up from his sleep, he sees a flock of pigeons, carrying a BLU Payload bomb, flying away - towards the RED Base...


  • The train’s ordering varies somewhat through the video:
    • When assembled (~1:17) and in the long shot around 7:38, the painted containers are immediately preceded by two tank cars, while in other shots (5:27 and 10:37) they are preceded by boxcars.
    • The Anvil Trading Company boxcar that Scout uncouples is seen around 4:57-4:58, again at 5:29-5:30, and finally at the wreck, but at 5:37 a stock BLU boxcar is seen in its place.
  • At 0:46, plans for a "Stealth Pigeon Bomb" are seen on the table. Despite being labeled as "failed", it's still seen at the end of the video.
  • At 1:00, the Engineer is wearing the Snow Stompers. However, at 1:04, he isn't wearing them.
  • Block signaling in the video is generally reasonable; but all of the green aspect block signals seen at 3:10 and 3:32 should be red, indicating that the indicated blocks are occupied by the BLU train.
  • When the Scout climbs up to the top of the Sniper's van, he breaks one of the side-view mirrors, much to the annoyance of the Sniper. However, it is back in every shot after.
  • At 5:57, a grade crossing bell sound is heard where there is no grade crossing.
  • The bomb key under the "Go Away" mat is the Key under the doormat trope.
    • The key used to open the bomb's disarm buttons is the End of the Line Key, which is actually used to open the End of the Line Community Crates.
  • When the boxcar filled with rubber duckies hits the boxcar with the bombs, a squeak sound from the rubber duckies is heard.
  • Several of the cosmetic items seen in the video were released in the update. However, the RED Pyro's diving mask and rubber floaties (11:10) weren't included in the update.
  • At 0:47, a drawing of a "Giant Magnifying Death Ray" can be seen on one of the failed plans, which looks similar to the "Doomsday Device" found in the map Nucleus.
  • In the locomotive cab at 2:00, there is a picture of the RED Spy along with BLU Scout's mom on the windshield, a picture also seen in Meet The Spy.


  • BLU Sniper's pose at 0:18 is a reference to Jack Torrance's pose at the end of the movie The Shining.
  • The #2 Sniper written on the mug given to the frozen BLU Sniper by the BLU Soldier is a reference to the fact that the RED Sniper already has a mug marked with #1 Sniper, and also to the fact that the RED team always beat the BLU team in the Meet the Team videos.
  • At the 2:00 mark, there is a sticky note stuck onto the frame of the window behind the Demoman, which is meant to read: "New PW: 1-1-1-2" (PW being short for PassWord), but the model is cut off by the black bars. This is a reference to the password "1-1-1-1", which both teams use on their keypad locks in Meet The Spy and Expiration Date. See the full note in the props that Rebbaccus (a modeler for the End of the Line) released onto the Source Filmmaker Workshop.


Directed by
Violet McVinnie
Animation by
Luke Murray
Models By
Rebecca Pursley
Art by
Leri Greer
Effects by
Daniel Escobedo
Music by
Lars Erik Fjøsne
Arslan Qureshi
Mike Hillard
Audio by
Ed Harrison
John Dekker

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