Trailer 1

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Trailer 1
Tf2 pyro-june07.png
Video Info
Released: July 19th, 2006
Run time: 1:11
Hey You! Yeah you — Action fan! Buckle up and hunker down as Valve launches an A-tomic(sic) jet fueled knuckle sandwich right into the doughy bread baskets of the world's battle game blowhards!
Those other feeble fight games (and the old maids that play'em and the momma's boys that make'em!) better head for the fainting couch, because this one's the gut-grabbinest, gut-rippenest,
strangle-you-with-your-own-grabbed-gutsiest battle thriller ever seared onto your monitor — with pixels that are 5% human blood!
— Valve

First revealed on July 19, 2006 at the EA Summer Showcase event, Trailer 1 showcases the player classes of Team Fortress 2. The video, as it shows an early rendition of the game, contains several differences from the final product.




  • The general design of all the classes is somewhat different.
  • All classes had lower polygonal head models.


  • Appears to have more upper-body build than the current model does.
  • Is shown wielding the Submachine Gun, which is actually the Nail Gun (as seen in Trailer 2). The SMG model was being used as a placeholder before the Nail Gun model was made. The weapon was replaced with the Scattergun. The SMG itself was given to the Sniper as a Stock secondary weapon.
  • Has two team-colored stripes near the tops of his socks.
  • His earpiece is team-colored instead of Cream Spirit.
  • His belt is flesh-colored, with a darker buckle.
  • His shirt is more saturated.
  • His pants are team-colored.
  • Has differently designed shoes, which lack the striped design and more resemble Nike shoes.


  • His coat is a pale grayish team color, with bright team-color armbands around his class emblems. And the grenades are fully black and low poly.
  • Has more pronounced facial hair.
  • His Rocket Launcher is visually a frontloaded RPG much like it is in Team Fortress Classic. The RPG was removed in the final version. Also, The RPG has different textures, and the rocket is more greenish and larger.
  • Does not scream before beating his helmet with the Shovel as he does during his finalized taunt. The taunt itself looks more simplistic.
  • The Shovel also looks rustier.


  • Gloves are fully black.
  • Tank on his back is fully grey instead of being yellow on the top with a grey body. This is accompanied by a smaller yellow tank, which was changed to grey for the retail release.
  • The Fire from the Flame Thrower has slightly different textures, with a thicker body of flame.
  • His suit is darker with his class emblem being clearer and brighter.
  • His flamethrower has a more airy sound.


  • His shirt, much like Soldier's coat, is a pale grayish team-color, with bright Team-colored armbands around his class emblems.
    • His class emblems are blank yellow.
  • His glove and knee pads are team-colored.
  • The stripes on his glove are different. His thumb is blank, with stripes around his knuckles, instead of coloured fingertips, like retail Engineer.
  • His Pistol pack is dark grey instead of light brown.
  • His neck has ambient occlusion.
  • His Gloves have stripes on the knuckles of his fingers and no stripes on his thumb.
  • His overalls, goggles, and belt buckle look slightly different.
  • His electric cords are team-colored.


  • Has no gloves nor class emblems.
  • His ammo belt is much more detailed, sporting brass bullets.
  • His vest is light brown instead of deep grey and has more detail.
  • The Minigun has a sharper, more cartoony muzzle flash when being fired.


  • Is shown wielding and throwing the Dynamite Pack, or an early rendition of the MIRV Grenade, a would be stay-over from Team Fortress Classic that was later scrapped.
  • The grenades on his vest are much lower poly.
  • His class emblem is yellow and has a circlular outline on it. It is also larger.
  • His packs are darker.
  • His uniform is more orange and more saturated.


  • Is shown wielding a giant Syringe which was later replaced by the Bonesaw.
  • Glasses are slightly larger and thicker.
  • Is shown wearing a stethoscope which was later removed, although it can be seen in his cubby in the spawn room lockers, and a similar community-made stethoscope "Surgeon's Stethoscope" was later added to the game as a cosmetic item.
  • Class emblems are slightly different, with armbands.
  • His coat and gloves are slightly darker.
  • He has a pattern on his coat which was removed. He also has four buttons on his coat instead of three.


  • His vest is two-toned like retail, but is more simplistic with a greyscale colorscheme.
  • His shirt and pants are darker.
  • He doesn't wear an undershirt.
  • His beard is different.
  • His glasses have more orange tinted lenses.
  • His watch is different.
  • Lacks class emblems.
  • The tips of the bullets in his pocket are light red instead of Cream Spirit.
  • His eyebrows are shaped differently, and his head texture has ambient occlusion.


  • His suit is a greyish red color, with a team-colored pocket protector, and a team-colored striped tie as well as having class emblems with team-colored armbands.
  • Is shown wielding the Tranquilizer Gun.
  • His face is paler and his balaclava is darker.


  • The Train outside of BLU's base uses a different model and is not boarded up.
  • There are a few props missing outside of RED base.
  • The bridge between the RED and BLU bases has no roof.
  • At 0:29 there is a pickup truck, like the one seen in-game now, but with a red roof.
  • The two entrances to the RED base have stairs instead of ramps.

General changes

  • The muzzle flashes are opaque and hard-edged.
  • There is a skull insignia behind the Pyro that has not reappeared anywhere in the final game. This was the RED logo in Team Fortress Classic.


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