Meet the Soldier

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Meet the Soldier
Meet the Soldier Titlecard
Video Info
Released: August 22, 2007
Run time: 1:27


Video transcript


  • The title card displays "COPYRIGHT LOLOLOL" on the bottom right corner, a recurring joke throughout the Meet the Team videos.
  • Sun Tzu was an honorific title bestowed upon Sūn Wǔ (c. 544 BC–496 BC), the author of The Art of War, an immensely influential ancient Chinese book on military strategy.
    • The quote the Soldier recites at the beginning of the video is from chapter 10 of The Art of War.
  • The video uses a modified version of Granary. The RED team goes completely around the building that connects the first and second control points into an area that is normally a dead end.
    • The capture point which BLU is defending in the video is normally RED's final capture point on Granary; under normal circumstances, BLU cannot hold this capture point during a round in-game.
  • At 0:41 the Sniper says "Right up, right up!" in English in every translation of the video, while the other characters are all translated. The Russian version is the only one to translate this line.
  • When the Soldier hits the Spy in the face with his Shovel, the poster on the wall in the background ironically reads "No Smoking".
  • The Soldier's claim that Sun Tzu is the reason why the word "zoo" exists implies that he thinks the second half of Sun Tzu's name is spelled the same way as "zoo".
  • In the final scene, the decapitated Spy head is missing a tooth, meaning that this is the head of the earlier Spy that the Soldier hit in the face with his Shovel.
    • However, the Spy still has a cigarette in his mouth despite it being knocked out at the exact same time as his tooth.
  • At the end, when the BLU Medic's severed head falls off the fence, there is a generic bone in place of an exposed spinal column in his neck.
  • Due to German censorship laws, the German version replaces the blood and gore with a black liquid (most likely oil) and miscellaneous items (rubber ducks, springs, etc.) The BLU Medic's neck bone is replaced with a spring. These changes were most likely made to imply that all of the characters are robots, similar to the game Contra.

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