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Mikado282's Portfolio
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Clever boy!

My Portfolio is a guide to my contributions that I enjoyed writing more than most:

Featured Article

ICS's Stone™ Series

  • Hellstone: Locations, Images, Strategy (Big Thanks from ICS!)
  • Brimstone: Locations, Images, Strategy (Ice Cream from ICS!)
  • Gravestone: Locations

Jungle Inferno Campaign

Jungle Inferno Maps

  • Enclosure: Franchise-themed Locations, Images, and captions - My masterpiece!
  • Banana Bay: Railroading-themed Locations
  • Brazil: Images, Locations
  • Lazarus: Images, Locations
  • Mossrock: Locations, Images, Strategy
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Re-write, or heavily expand, an article, to the point where it is considered great.

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Long overlooked incomplete Halloween map Locations and Strategy stubs



My very best User infoboxes

User Mikado282 Victory68.png This user remembers 1968.
Heavy like to shoot this gun.PNG This user. Like. To edit. This wiki. Is all you need to know.
HeavyAnnoyed.PNG This user says, "Correcting your grammar is a full-time job, now."
User Mikado282 Naruto editor.png Because that is this user's editor way!
Believe it!
User Mikado282 B.E.R. drum head.png This user's life is the
sounds of the 80s!

My favorite rejected quotes

-- rejected by Bruss48

It's not Unusual.

(Tom Jones: It's not Unusual.)

* Catastrophic Companions

-- rejected by User Dr. Scaphandre Golden Ghastly Gibus.png Dr. Scaphandre>

Pussycat, Pussycat, I love you. Yes, I do.

(Tom Jones: What's New Pussycat?)

-- rejected by Mikado282

She's got it!
Tom Jones answering the
musical question of where has
all the Austrailium gone.

(Tom Jones: Venus)

-- rejected by Mikado282

She's a lady!

Tom Jones: She's a Lady!

Scream Fortress 2018

Favorite Trivia contributions

Gas Jockey's Gear
Gas Jockey's Gear
Humble, 1950's gas station attendant by day, crazy pyromaniac by night...The smell of fresh gas fumes and burnt rubber is just what this once humble service man loves the most.
Disguised as part of a mild-mannered reference to a humble (and lovable) alter ego, the Humble name was in fact the alter ego of Standard Oil of New Jersey (largest oil company in the world), which it used to brand its gas stations in the ‘50s and ‘60s in some states (such as New Mexico) where it was legally blocked from using the Esso name.