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Ctf vector v10005.jpg
Basic information
Map type Capture the Flag
File name: ctf_vector_v1
Version: 1 (final)
Developer(s): Eric "Icarus" Wong

Hidden away behind an electric company front is a sprawling underground RED base. Control rooms direct remote operatives, and ominous devices are constructed in mysterious voids. Unwilling to live with the fact that RED has a fancy new machines, BLU develops a super-powered ultra-sapper and sets out to destroy RED's contraption before it can be activated.
Vector promotional text

Vector is a combination Capture The Flag and Attack/Defend map. Featuring a three-stage layout similar to Dustbowl, Vector requires the BLU team to carry the Intelligence to each Control Point in order gain control of the point. A successful capture of the final control point by the attackers will result in the defender's device (which resembles the machinery from Nucleus) to be sapped and explode, killing all nearby. A successful defense will result in the machine activating, drawing all nearby players toward it. (This activation can be heard but not seen if the defenders succeed at holding Stage 1 or 2.)

The intelligence uses a custom model, and is a giant spider-shaped "Ultra-Sapper." When carried, the intelligence leaves a trail of Sapper sparks, as opposed to the usual paper trail. Special brushes in the level (with the Sapper enclosed in a NO symbol) prevent the intelligence from being carried further until the preceding Control Point is captured, and force the Intelligence carrier to drop the intelligence. While the BLU team must touch the grey Intelligence platform to capture the point, RED team can block enemy captures by standing anywhere within the Control Point.

When the BLU Intelligence carrier gets near the control point, the RED team will hear the Announcer proclaim "Security Alert!" If the intelligence carrier nears the final point of each stage, a klaxon alarm will sound; this alarm will not cease until the intelligence has returned to its spawn point. If the first point is captured, the HUD displays "[U..." for each team's score until the intelligence reappears.

Unlike most other Attack/Defend or Capture The Flag maps, Vector cannot run into Overtime. If a point has not been captured within the time limit, the RED team has successfully defended the point. This includes circumstances where the BLU intelligence carrier is on the control point, but is blocked by RED defenders.

Introduction video

A custom introduction video made by Icarus himself!


Details of stage 1.(Large file)

All locations are described from the vantage point of the BLU team as they leave their spawn.

Stage 1, Point A

Control point A is inside a small building on the right. The intelligence is placed next to BLU's lower spawn.

Vector, first stage, point A
  • Attackers' spawn: Features high Left and Middle exits and a lower Right exit near the intelligence.
  • Canyon: The straight pathway from the right spawn door leads to the intelligence and on to the front doorway of Control point A.
  • Control Point A Building: A large Health and Ammo Pack lie next to the stairs. This building has two ground-floor entrances, a stairwell to the upper deck, and two open upper windows.
  • Exits: Lower left tunnel, upper left tunnel, upper right tunnel.

Stage 1, Point B

Control point B is inside a building on the left. The intelligence remains next to BLU's lower spawn.

Vector, first stage, point B
  • Tunnel paths: 3 tunnel pathways lead to the second area.
  1. Ground floor from Control Point A
  2. Upper left from Control Point A. The upper fork contains a large Health Pack. The left path contains a medium Health Pack as well.
  3. Upper right from Control Point A. The upper fork contains a large Health Pack. The right path contains a medium Ammo Pack as well.
  • Control point B building: Contains a small Health and Ammo pack on its roof, accessible via a rear stairwell.
  • Silos: The silos in front of Control Point B have a small Health and Ammo pack on each side.
  • Defenders spawn: The spawn point for the defenders is to the right of Control Point B.

Stage 2, Point A

Details of stage 2.(Large file)

The first Control point is on a platform straight across from the BLU base. The intelligence is on a cart immediately outside BLU's spawn room.

Vector, second stage, point A
  • Three spawn gates: Two gates placed close together Left and Middle, and a third gate further Right, open at the start of the round.
  • Control point building: Directly in front of BLU spawn. Control point is on top of the second level. Second level has a small side room, which contains a large Health and Ammo pack. Near the capture point are a medium Health and Ammo pack. The lower level has a large Health and small Ammo pack to the left of the control point.
  • Exits: Two lower exits and two upper exits lead to point B.

Stage 2, Point B

The second Control point is on a platform next to RED's spawn. The intelligence is still next to BLU's spawn.

Vector, second stage, point B
  • Control point: The Control point is on a short platform adjacent to the defenders' spawn room in the right building.
  • Defenders spawn building: The building to the right of the control point is the spawn point for the defending RED team.

Stage 3, Point A

Details of stage 3.(Large file)

The first Control point is on a platform straight across from the BLU base. The intelligence is on a desk immediately outside BLU's spawn room.

Vector, third stage, point A
  • Three Exits: Two gates placed close together Middle and Right, and a ventilation shaft to the Left, open at the start of the round.
  • Control point A: Located on a Nucleus-style platform just beyond the intelligence spawn point.

Stage 3, Point B

The final Control point is on a catwalk, underneath a reactor similar to Nucleus, in the centre of RED's base. Unlike previous stages, the intelligence spawn point has moved into a large room beyond Point A.

Vector, third stage, point B
  • Control point B: This is the final Control point for this map and is between the two spawn rooms.
  • RED Spawn: On either side of Control point B; each contains one Health and Ammo supply locker.