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Plr panic b20005.jpg
Basic information
Map type Payload Race
File name: plr_panic_b2
Version: Beta 2
Developer(s): Kevin "Ravidge" Brook
Map Info
Environment: Industrial
Setting: Sunset
Hazards: Cart (first stage only)
Pitfall (third stage only)

Panic is a community-made Payload Race map created for the A/D CTF and Payload Race Contest. It was awarded second place in the competition with a score of 4.05 out of 5 points.

Panic is set in a small industrial area, surrounded by a forest. Unlike most of the other Payload Race and Payload maps, it is possible for a player to be killed by their own cart on this map. In the first stage, the cart falls down a ramp and rolls into its starting position before the start of the round. If a player is standing in its way they will be killed by it, similarly to the trains on Well.

Stage 3 is also unique, as the entire track is a ramp with a hole at the very bottom of it, while the carts constantly roll backward when not being pushed. This forces teams to stay with their cart in order to keep it moving. Otherwise, the cart will fall off the map and cause the team to automatically lose.


Both teams must simultaneously push their carts through enemy territory in order to reach the capture point, while preventing the enemy team from doing the same.


Stage 1

Details of stage 1. (Large file)

Stage 1 of Panic starts with each cart falling down a ramp and rolling into its starting position before the start of the round at the front of RED or BLU's spawn. Directly after the starting point for each cart, the paths then take a slight turn and head uphill to the crossover area, a small, flat and elevated arena-like area in the middle of the map. The middle of the map also features raised metal plates protecting the middle portion (to prevent Sentry Gun camping from either team's spawn to the middle point, though this set-up pre-dated the introduction of the Wrangler. It also features small alcoves/rooms where Sentry Guns can be placed.

The cart paths then hook right or left (for RED/BLU, respectively) and head back into a building. Here, they make a slow 180-degree turn back toward the enemy team's spawn and a downhill ramp. The finishing points for both carts are in front of the enemy spawn, right next to the rolldown hill for the enemy's cart.

Stage 2

Details of stage 2. (Large file)

Stage 2 of Panic starts with the cart right outside each team's spawn. As the round begins, the walls in front of each spawn and the cart explode, sending large chinks of concrete flying into the air. The cart path makes a quick turn in one direction, then in the opposite direction after a short distance. From here, the cart paths cross in the middle of the map, then turn slightly as they wind to the other side.

Following the crossover, each cart path makes a broad, 180-degree turn, then travels up a steep incline near the opposing team's starting point. At the top of the incline is a quick series of turns right before the stage's capture point in an open area directly outside the other team's spawn. There are also several elevated areas and overhangs, accessible through paths from both sides of the map, where players can attack or defend from.

Stage 3

Details of stage 3. (Large file)

The final stage of Panic is a pure uphill push: the entire track is an inclined ramp with a large pit (with broken bridges) on one end and the final capture point on the other. Near the capture point is a building with a large amplifier attached to a mechanical arm. A small building sits between the two points, offering a path between them. Under the two cart paths are open spaces players can fall to if they are knocked off the cart by the opposing team. Paths lead back up to the main cart path area from below. Additionally, a bridge extends over both cart paths about two-thirds of the way from the bottom, giving players a second crossover point, as well as an area to ambush from above.

Panic is unique in that each cart will constantly roll backward toward the pit unless it is being pushed by its respective team. This mechanic forces teams to stay with their cart in order to keep it moving. If a cart reaches the pit end of the cart path, it will fall off into the pit and explode, ending the round with a loss for the offending team. Once the round ends — be it by successful capture or failure to keep the cart out of the pit — the amplifier at the top of the map will activate, sending out a low, repeating bass thump that causes the player's screen to shake.


Stage 1

  • Due to the early crossover of RED's and BLU's carts, Heavies are vital for a successful push through the middle of the stage.
  • Sentry Guns can be placed outside spawn to provide both cover for respawning teammates and defense against the enemy team's push.
  • Spies are less effective on the first stage because of its compact design. If playing Spy on Stage 1, focus on enemy Heavies, Medics and Engineers, as they pose the greatest defensive threats.

Stage 2

  • The hill before each finishing point offers an optimum point for Engineers to place their Sentry Guns, as the cart will roll back down the hill if successfully defended.
    • Similarly, Pyros using the Backburner can launch surprise ambushes here for the same effect.
  • Spies are effective on one part of the map in particular: in front of the enemy's spawn, sapping Sentry Guns and causing general havoc to allow for friendly pushes.

Stage 3

  • Because the cart will roll back if no enemies are pushing it, the Pyro's compression blast is incredibly useful on this map. Teamed up with a Medic, Pyros can easily push multiple enemies off the cart and onto areas below in order to force the enemy's cart to roll back.
    • The covered bridge two-thirds of the way up the hill has windows above each cart path, perfect for Pyro ambushes.
  • The large building in between the two cart tracks, along with the large space between each cart, make Snipers a less than ideal class for the final stage. It is suggested that players that elect to play Sniper equip Jarate for its useful Mini-Crit effect.
  • To ensure the best chance for success, teams may choose to split into two groups: one to push their cart, the other to deny the opposing team the chance to push theirs.

Update history

b2: Speed increases over time in stage 3. New environment settings, updated skybox, optimization and bug fixes.

b1: detailed stage 3. Finished stage 2. Initial optimization on all stages, explosion in stage 2 reduced in size to help performance. Moved some pickups around, mainly in stage 1 and 3. Closed off the middle (wooden) tunnel in stage 2. Clipped more edges, switched some clips for trigger_push to allow rocketjumping. And more that I can't remember!

a9: stage 2 detailing. custom soundscape.

a8: rebuilt ALL logic in the map. Continued some detailing in stage 2. Slowed the carts in stage 3 by 20%

a7: Anti-stalemate mode added. Stage 2 rough texturing.

a6: stage 1 detailed, still not 100%. Fixed a rare bug with auto-rolling carts in stage 1.

a5: fixed crashing. Added particles!

a4: stage 2 deleted, new stage 2 added. Dynamic cart speeds in stage 3.

a3: various fixes and tweaks.

a2: added stage 3.

a1: release (stage 1 & 2).


  • The bombs on the walls in the beginning of the second stage are Dynamite Packs, which were scrapped during development.