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Animus main.jpg
Basic information
Map type Payload Race
File name: plr_animus_a8
Version: Alpha 8
Developer(s): Fearlezz

Animus is a Payload Race map created for the A/D CTF and Payload Race Contest. It was awarded eighth place in the competition.


Stage 1

  • Spawn Area. As with all maps, the game begins here. The doors to leave the room are locked until the setup time (around 5 seconds) is over. After going through the first present shutter door, there is an area with pathways going both up and down before finally exiting the spawn.
  • Street. A long, curved space through which the Payload carts must pass. It is symmetrical.
  • Final point. Enemy Spawn Area.

Stage 2

  • Spawn Area. Features a point to which teams should deliver the Payload cart, and also contains a spawn area.
  • Street. A small space with a crossroads in the middle through which the Payload cart must travel.

Stage 3

  • Street. A very small level including a small, curved and symmetrical space through which the two Payload carts must travel. The tracks in this area are parallel.

Update history


Fixed crossover bug (For real!)

  • Visual and performance improvements to all particles
  • Fixed particles bug (particles not showing)
  • Fixed Red cart getting stuck in stage 3 right at the top of the ramp
  • Fixed red pl hud not showing up in stage 3
  • Fixed the "2 suns" problem
  • Fixed carts not being disabled during setup phase in stage 2
  • Added more custom content (Including models from TerabyteST)
  • Improved lighting in some places
  • Made all rock brushes into displacements in the final area, stage 3
  • Fixed players getting stuck when standing in front of the cart while capping (stage1)


  • Teams does no longer switch after the map is won
  • Added pumpkins
  • Made the entrance to the middle of stage 2 taller


  • Possibly fixed the crossover bug (again)
  • Adjusted the lighting, blue players are back, green players are gone
  • Removed stairs to the enemy base in stage 1
  • Added track lights
  • Minor detailing
  • Improved optimization (still compiled on fast)
  • Fixed players getting stuck in the spawn door
  • Added new spawn exits in stage 3
  • 'Stage won' particle is now a child to the cart.
  • 'Stage won' particles now shows up in stage 2 as well
  • Added working timer to stage 2
  • Carts eyes particle now only shows up when someone dies
  • Made changes to stage 3
  • Slight improvements to particles

A3 - A6

-Removed to save character space-