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Blow THAT up, cyclops!"
The Scout to MONOCULUS
Class Strategy
Monoculus normal.png
vs Scout.png
Pictogram info.png Playing as Scout allows you to evade MONOCULUS' attacks more easily than other classes due to your agility and ability to double and triple jump.

Pictogram info.png Hit-and-run tactics are a necessity when attacking MONOCULUS.

Pictogram info.png The Scout's agility, double and triple jumps allow him to enter into and survive the underworld with more ease than other classes.

Pictogram plus.png Bonk! Atomic Punch will allow you to survive MONOCULUS' eyeball projectiles for a short time, and can use knock back to escape.

Pictogram plus.png Because base damage is retained at all ranges when attacking MONOCULUS, the Scattergun will deal the most damage to it, provided you can move to around medium range to ensure you don't partially miss your shots.

Pictogram plus.png The Pistol can be effective against MONOCULUS, as base damage remains the same when attacking it. This will allow you to do more damage from a longer range than normal.

Pictogram plus.png The Shortstop allows you to deal a good amount of damage at medium-range because of its 100% increase in damage per pellet.

Pictogram minus.png Do not use Crit-a-Cola against MONOCULUS. Your attacks will deal no extra damage and will make it easier for MONOCULUS to kill you.

Pictogram minus.png The Sandman baseball and Fan O'War are ineffective against MONOCULUS, as it cannot be stunned by baseballs or marked for death.

Pictogram minus.png The Scout's health is low enough that a single hit from MONOCULUS' projectiles will likely result in death.

Monoculus normal.png
vs Soldier.png
Pictogram info.png Rocket jumping is a viable method of evading MONOCULUS' projectiles.

Pictogram info.png The Buff Banner, Battalion's Backup, and Concheror will charge on dealing damage to MONOCULUS.

Pictogram plus.png A Kritzkrieg ÜberCharge will allow a skilled Soldier to make short work of MONOCULUS, as a pack of critical rockets and Shotgun shells will take a large chunk of its health away.

Pictogram plus.png The Direct Hit is probably the Soldier's best primary weapon to use against MONOCULUS. The projectiles are fast and do high damage, and MONOCULUS is large enough for you not to worry too much about missing it.

Pictogram plus.png The Shotgun can be effective against MONOCULUS, as base damage remains the same when attacking it. This will allow you to do more damage from a longer range than normal.

Pictogram minus.png Charging MONOCULUS with the Equalizer at very low health will only be effective if MONOCULUS is stunned, as your crits will deal around 300 damage. Otherwise, it's a risky strategy.

Pictogram minus.png The Buff Banner will charge when doing damage to MONOCULUS, but MONOCULUS is not affected by mini-crits, so using it is not recommended.

Pictogram minus.png The Reserve Shooter will not mini-crit against MONOCULUS and is not recommended.

Pictogram minus.png The Black Box does not award health upon hitting MONOCULUS and is a considerable drawback when its reduced ammo is taken into account.

Monoculus normal.png
vs Pyro.png
Pictogram info.png Because MONOCULUS does not suffer afterburn damage, using the Pyro against MONOCULUS is inadvisable. In addition, the Pyro's short range of effectiveness and MONOCULUS' resistance to Flamethrowers makes attacking head-on a very deadly prospect.

Pictogram info.png A skilled Pyro may be able to effectively attack MONOCULUS by using air blasts to reflect MONOCULUS's projectiles back at it. However, unless MONOCULUS is angry, these projectiles will travel slowly and will often miss their target.

Pictogram plus.png The Backburner can be moderately effective if MONOCULUS is distracted.

Pictogram plus.png The Shotgun can be effective against MONOCULUS, as base damage remains the same when attacking it. This will allow you to do more damage from a longer range than normal.

Pictogram minus.png The Reserve Shooter will not mini-crit against MONOCULUS and is not recommended.

Pictogram minus.png The Flare Gun, the Detonator, and the Scorch Shot are possibly some of the worst weapons to use against MONOCULUS, as he cannot catch on fire. Only the minimal flare impact damage will register.

Monoculus normal.png
vs Demoman.png
Pictogram info.png It is possible to briefly dodge MONOCULUS' projectiles by charging with the Chargin' Targe, the Splendid Screen, or the Tide Turner in a single direction across open ground.

Pictogram plus.png Direct hits with the Grenade Launcher or Loch-n-Load will cause large amounts of damage to MONOCULUS, so it is advisable to lead your shots slightly to ensure they connect. This strategy is especially effective with a Kritzkrieg ÜberCharge.

Pictogram minus.png Stickybombs are almost rendered completely ineffective against MONOCULUS, as it is generally flying too high or teleporting too quickly to set up a trap. However, a skilled Demoman may be able to arc his shot so it can be detonated to do max damage.

Pictogram minus.png Attempting the above strategy with the Scottish Resistance is extremely difficult due to the slower arming time of the bombs.

Pictogram minus.png Demoknights are not recommended, as they cannot effectively reach MONOCULUS unless it has been stunned or is near the ground.

Monoculus normal.png
vs Heavy.png
Pictogram info.png The Heavy is one of the best classes to go head-on against MONOCULUS. Despite its resistance to Minigun bullets, any Minigun will shred the boss in a matter of seconds at short range, even without crits.

Pictogram info.png Be aware that the Heavy has no real means of effectively dodging MONOCULUS' projectiles, but can withstand at least one direct hit from one. A Heavy can rely on the Gloves of Running Urgently to escape in such situations.

Pictogram plus.png A Heavy/Medic pair can camp the control point while building up a Kritzkrieg ÜberCharge. The damage resulting from such an attack is usually enough to deal extremely high levels of damage to MONOCULUS. Be ready to escape though, as MONOCULUS will not only be angered, but it will make you both its primary target.

Pictogram plus.png The Fists of Steel have some usability as a temporary distraction, since it significantly reduces damage taken by MONOCULUS' projectiles.

Pictogram minus.png The Buffalo Steak Sandvich is not recommended, since you will not be able to use your minigun.

Pictogram minus.png The Shotgun should rarely be used, as the time between shots and damage spread mean you will always get more damage from your primary weapon. Nonetheless, if you have run out of ammunition for your primary weapon, remember that base damage remains constant while attacking MONOCULUS, so you can use the Shotgun effectively from further ranges than normal.

Pictogram minus.png The Brass Beast, even with a Kritzkrieg ÜberCharge, is only recommended if MONOCULUS is already busy, as your extremely sluggish movement will make you an easy target for an angry MONOCULUS' projectiles.

Monoculus normal.png
vs Engineer.png
Pictogram info.png Since MONOCULUS is not affected by knockback, the player should never rely on his Sentry to keep the monster away.

Pictogram info.png MONOCULUS will attack anything within his range - this includes players and buildings. Keep in mind that wrangled Sentry Guns can survive a few projectile hits, allowing you and your team to profit from the distraction. Don't rely on them too much, though; it only takes one or two rounds of MONOCULUS' projectiles to destroy an entire sentry nest.

Pictogram plus.png Sentry Guns will target MONOCULUS even when it is outside their normal range.

Pictogram plus.png Because Sentry Guns never deal critical hits, your Sentry Gun can be an effective way to deal damage to MONOCULUS without angering it. Use the Wrangler for maximum damage.

Pictogram plus.png The Shotgun and Pistol can both be effective against MONOCULUS, as their base damage remains the same when attacking it. This will allow you to do more damage from a longer range than normal.

Pictogram plus.png The Short Circuit is able to protect the Engineer by destroying MONOCULUS's projectiles.

Pictogram minus.png The Widowmaker does not return metal for damage done to MONOCULUS.

Monoculus normal.png
vs Medic.png
Pictogram info.png Use your ÜberCharge on a teammate so they can attack MONOCULUS. While MONOCULUS will ignore invulnerable individuals for as long as possible, keep in mind that it will attempt to target you if you are in range.

Pictogram info.png If you do not have an ÜberCharge ready, it is best advised to stay away and build one up.

Pictogram info.png If using a Kritzkrieg ÜberCharge to attack MONOCULUS, be ready for a quick escape, as MONOCULUS will not only be angered, but it will make you and your buddy its primary targets.

Pictogram info.png Most of the Medic's weapons are relatively ineffective, so the Medic should be reserved to a support role.

Pictogram plus.png The Crusader's Crossbow can be useful for quick heals, since it is largely ineffective against MONOCULUS at close range. It can also be marginally useful if you have good long distance aim to shoot MONOCULUS.

Pictogram plus.png Kritzkrieg charges are normally risky against MONOCULUS, but combining it with a standard ÜberCharge on a strong class like a Heavy can result in very high levels of damage. The Kritzkrieg Medic should be careful, however, since they are vulnerable to damage from an angry MONOCULUS projectile, which can easily ruin this strategy.

Pictogram minus.png It is not very helpful to use the Quick-Fix against MONOCULUS. Its enhanced healing power will not be enough to survive MONOCULUS' deadly eyeball projectiles.

Pictogram minus.png An ÜberCharged pair can be rendered largely ineffective by a wandering ghost.

Monoculus normal.png
vs Sniper.png
Pictogram info.png The basic Sniper Rifle has medium effectiveness against MONOCULUS, as headshots do not deal extra damage. However, charging shots is still worthwhile, as the damage will properly scale against MONOCULUS. The Machina will deal slightly more damage in this regard.

Pictogram info.png The extra range that the Sniper class exhibits can allow the player to attack while far outside MONOCULUS' attack range. This, however, will make it more difficult to travel to the Underworld to acquire the Bombinomicon.

Pictogram plus.png The Sydney Sleeper's faster charge rate makes it more useful than the standard Sniper Rifle, as MONOCULUS is immune to headshots.

Pictogram minus.png Jarate does not affect MONOCULUS, nor will the Sydney Sleeper provide Jarate coating effects.

Monoculus normal.png
vs Spy.png
Pictogram info.png The Dead Ringer's feign death ability will allow you to survive one hit per use, giving the Spy more survivability against MONOCULUS.

Pictogram plus.png The Revolver and the Enforcer are the most viable weapons to use, although it should only be used against MONOCULUS if it is focused on another player.

Pictogram minus.png The Spy is rather ineffective against MONOCULUS, as Backstabs cannot be landed, and knives deal negligible damage otherwise.

Pictogram minus.png As with many other weapons, Your Eternal Reward, Conniver's Kunai, and the Big Earner will not grant bonuses upon attacking or killing MONOCULUS and should be avoided.

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