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Son, I'm gonna' blow that dumb look right off your stupid face!
The Engineer on his battle plan
Class Strategy
vs. Scout.png
Relative merits: Your Sentry Gun makes you the best class for defending an area against the Scout. The Sentry Gun never misses, preventing the Scout from using his mobility to dodge its shots, and it quickly chews through the Scout's small pool of 125 health. The Scout's weapons are not powerful enough to handle a Sentry Gun directly; the best he can do is try to chip away at one from outside its maximum range with the Pistol, or run past it entirely with the invincibility from Bonk! Atomic Punch.

In a direct head-to-head fight without assistance from your Sentry Gun, the two of you have similar weapons, but the Scout's Scattergun hits slightly harder and his high mobility gives him the upper hand.

Tactics: Stay close to your Sentry Gun. A Scout essentially can't fight you at all if you remain within its line of sight. If the Scout tries to chip away at your Sentry Gun from afar, you can usually repair it with your Wrench faster than he can damage it. Depending on where the Scout is shooting from, you might be able to force him to retreat by firing back at him with your own weapons.

If you can rely on your teammates to defend the map's main areas without your assistance, placing your Sentry Gun near flank routes will prevent Scouts (as well as most other classes) from using them to ambush you and your team. If possible, try to place your Sentry Gun so that it covers multiple entrances and cannot be shot at from outside its maximum range or easily hit from around a corner.

If you're playing very aggressively or are constantly on the move, you may run into a Scout without having a Sentry Gun built nearby. In such a fight, try to move erratically to make yourself hard to hit, and fire back at the Scout with your Shotgun. Both of you only have 125 maximum health, so a direct fight like this comes down to whether or not you can land enough shots to kill the Scout before he kills you.

Useful weapons:

  • The Wrangler can be used to manually target a Scout who is attempting to chip away at your Sentry Gun from afar.
    • If the Scout uses Bonk! Atomic Punch to distract your Sentry Gun for his teammates, you can also use the Wrangler to manually target other enemies.
  • Consider equipping the Gunslinger if you find yourself constantly dealing with Scouts as it increase your maximum health to 150. Do note that it replaces your normal Sentry Gun with a Combat Mini-Sentry Gun, which builds faster than a regular Sentry Gun while still capable of dealing serious damage to the Scout.
vs. Soldier.png
Relative merits: The Soldier can freely barrage your buildings from outside your Sentry Gun's range while taking cover between shots. He also has the firepower to deal with you if you try chasing him down.

Tactics: Position your Sentry Gun so that the enemy Soldier cannot freely fire upon it. You can utilize cover, ask teammates for help, or engage the Soldier himself while your Sentry Gun distracts him. If you can't do any of those, haul your buildings to a better position.

Check the Rocket Launcher he has equipped. The Direct Hit has harder hitting rockets that can very easily destroy your buildings, while the Cow Mangler, although weaker, can disable your Sentry Gun with a charged shot.

Useful weapons:

  • The stock Shotgun and Panic Attack are the most reliable options for taking out a Soldier away from your Sentry Gun.
  • The Rescue Ranger can be used to repair or haul your Sentry Gun without taking splash damage from rockets.
  • The Wrangler can extend your Sentry Gun's range to target a faraway Soldier. Its shielding also buys time for a proper response from your team.
  • The Short Circuit's energy ball can destroy rockets to protect your buildings.
vs. Pyro.png
Relative merits: Proper Sentry Gun placement can protect a wide area, completely forcing the Pyro away. The Pyro's Flame Thrower can damage you through your buildings, making enclosed areas more pressuring to hold.

Tactics: Mindful building placement prevents the Pyro from using the Flame Thrower to attack from around a corner, while taking cover behind your buildings neutralizes any long range potential the Flare Gun holds. If your Sentry Gun is at level 3, be prepared for the occasional compression blast that reflects your Sentry Gun's rockets back to you.

The Combat Mini-Sentry Gun is particularly less effective against the Pyro, as it can be easily circle strafed or destroyed during deployment.

Useful weapons:

  • The Pistol can whittle down the Pyro’s health at a safe distance.
vs. Demoman.png
Relative merits: The Demoman is one of your greatest threats. He can fire projectiles from behind cover or simply prepare a pile of Stickybombs to destroy your buildings in a single explosion, preventing any repairs.

Tactics: Avoid placing your Sentry Gun out in the open or right around corners, where a Demoman can easily place a carpet of Stickybombs. Rather than sit behind and continuously repair your buildings, take the fight to an aggressive Demoman with your Shotgun or lay down suppressive fire with the Wrangler. If necessary, shoot the Stickybombs with bullets to destroy them or haul your Sentry Gun away. You have considerably less to worry about if the Demoman trades in the Stickybomb Launcher for a shield and melee weapon. Check his shoes however. If he does not have the Ali Baba’s Wee Booties, it means he has a Grenade Launcher equipped and can still pose a hazard.

Useful weapons:

  • The Shotgun is one of your best direct combat weapons for pursuing the Demoman.
  • The Rescue Ranger can help you save a building under bombardment from a distance.
  • The Short Circuit can destroy his explosives for as long as you have metal. In particular, you can clear Stickybomb traps so your team can safely advance.
vs. Heavy.png
Relative merits: Your Sentry Gun has plenty of firepower and bulk, but you yourself do not. Your Sentry Gun may need support to hold an area against an aggressive Heavy.

Tactics: Repair your Sentry Gun as it does your dirty work, crouching between your buildings to minimize the damage you take. At medium range or beyond, a level 3 Sentry Gun under constant repair can tank a Heavy's fire for the full duration of an ÜberCharge. At point blank range, however, a Heavy can easily destroy any Sentry Gun, no matter how fast it's being repaired. If the knock back from your Sentry Gun can't keep him at bay, flee.

Useful weapons:

  • The Shotgun or Widowmaker are your best bets in a direct fight against the Heavy; attempt to circle-strafe and bring him down with 3 well-placed shots.
  • The Rescue Ranger can help to save a losing building against a Heavy.
  • The Wrangler's shield can help your Sentry Gun survive against a Heavy at close range.
  • The default Wrench gives the best repair rate against a Heavy's continuous assault at medium range.
vs. Engineer.png
Mirror match-up: Because of your defensive nature, you’re unlikely to come up against another Engineer unless one of you moves to an aggressive position.

Tactics: More often than not, both of you will have a full nest of buildings that deters the other from attacking, so leave taking out enemy buildings to your teammates. If he’s near his Sentry Gun, the best you’ll probably be able to do is harass him at range with your Pistol. In an offensive push, hauling a level 3 Sentry Gun up to a chokepoint can give you zone control against the enemy Engineer.

Useful weapons:

  • In a one-on-one fight, an Engineer with the Gunslinger and the ability to place Combat Mini-Sentry Guns for quick support will have an extreme advantage.
vs. Medic.png
Relative merits: An enemy Medic provides healing to his team as they harass your Sentry Gun from behind cover. Without interference from your team, it is only a matter of time before you cannot keep up with repairs. A lone Medic is at a slight disadvantage with you if fighting one-on-one, but that will rarely happen.

Tactics: Evaluate the enemy team as they harass your position. If you think your team can hold, crouch behind your Sentry Gun while repairing to minimize the damage you take. Otherwise, haul one building out and regroup for the next fight.

The main threat brought by a Medic is his ÜberCharge, which will render a chosen teammate immune to your Sentry Gun's firepower. While invulnerable, he will generally run in front of his patient to draw fire and knock back from the Sentry Gun, allowing his patient to get close and easily destroy it.

Useful weapons:

  • The Rescue Ranger may be useful for hauling your buildings away from an ÜberCharged enemy at long range.
  • The Wrangler can be used to shield your Sentry Gun and manually knock away a single ÜberCharged enemy.
  • The Jag can quickly rebuild any buildings you may have lost in an enemy ÜberCharge.
vs. Sniper.png
Relative merits: You have no long ranged options, so a Sniper can freely target you and a poorly positioned Sentry Gun. Your Shotgun holds the advantage at close range, should you pursue him.

Tactics: A Sentry Gun that is placed in a bad position can be easily picked off. If you use the Wrangler to fight back or try to repair your buildings, you risk being shot yourself. For this match-up, consider a more concealed spot for your Sentry Gun, even if it covers a smaller area. If you are desperate, use your Sentry Gun as impromptu cover as you continuously repair it.

Useful weapons:

  • The Rescue Ranger can repair your buildings without you having to expose yourself.
  • The Pistol is your best option for harassing the Sniper at range to throw off his aim.
  • The Wrangler allows you to fight a Sniper outside your Sentry Gun’s range.
  • The Short Circuit's energy ball is bright and completely opaque. At close to medium range, it can be used to "flashbang" the Sniper to prevent quickscopes. Its damage is low, so switch to your Shotgun to finish him off.
vs. Spy.png
Relative merits: The Spy is your natural predator. A disguised Spy doesn’t draw your Sentry Gun’s fire, allowing him to use Sappers to disable all of your buildings so his team can freely attack.

Tactics: If your buildings aren't under enemy fire, stay busy by looking for enemy Spies. Use your Shotgun or the Wrangler to Spy-check anyone that comes within range of your Sentry Gun and listen carefully for the Spy’s decloaking sound. To prevent backstabs as you work, glance over your shoulder between swings of your Wrench to check for any approaching “teammates”. If a Spy saps your equipment, eliminate the Spy first, as he can place Sappers faster than you can remove them, and be ready for any enemies that might simultaneously attack. Refrain from standing on your Teleporter Exit at all times, as even an undisguised Spy can come through to telefrag you.

Useful weapons:

  • Any Wrench that can remove Sappers in two hits is your best defence against a Spy’s shenanigans.
  • The Southern Hospitality inflicts bleed, which can help track down a Spy trying to sneak away.
  • Consider calling over a friendly Pyro to guard your buildings and help Spy-check with his fiery weaponry.
    • Have them equip the Homewrecker or Neon Annihilator if possible in order to guarantee for safety to your buildings.

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