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How could this happen?
This American boot just kicked your ass back to Russia.
The Soldier

The Heavy is the sturdiest but least maneuverable class. He easily soaks up damage and still poses a threat thanks to his Minigun, which can mow down anyone who dares face him head-on. The Heavy will almost always be found at the frontlines, supported by a Medic. Because his direct combat capabilities are so powerful, taking him down will require smart play or additional firepower from teammates. The Heavy's weakness lies in his size and lack of speed, which makes him an easy target for sneak attacks or ranged weapons. Additionally, less diverse loadout options limit his unpredictability; any of his weapons that provide utility usually come with heavy drawbacks in combat.


Attributes Anti-Heavy strategy
Heavy emblem RED.png Role
  • The Heavy's large size and firepower often places him at the center of any fight.
  • He is a natural shield for his allies; taking him out can often cause the enemy team to hesitate.
Leaderboard class medic.png Health
  • The Heavy has the largest health pool of all nine classes and can soak up tons of damage. Defeating him will usually require focused fire from multiple allies, especially if he is being healed.
Leaderboard class scout.png Speed
  • The Heavy's slow movement speed limits his ability to pursue or avoid you. If you can't take him by surprise, take potshots from behind cover to get free hits in.
  • Combined with his large body, the Heavy is an easy target for Snipers and Spies.
Leaderboard class soldier.png Power
  • The Heavy possesses the most powerful weapons in the game. This usually means that fighting him head-on without backup is a bad idea.


Main article: Heavy weapons

Primary weapons

Weapon Anti-Heavy strategy
Minigun + reskins
  • The Minigun rapidly fires rounds that deal immense damage, but is inaccurate over distances. Use cover and don't charge directly at him.
  • The Heavy must spin-up his Minigun for a moment before be can begin firing. This makes him vulnerable to ambushes and coordinated attacks from different directions.
  • When firing the Minigun, the Heavy's movement speed slows to a crawl, making him a very easy target.
  • Natascha has a longer spin-up than the default Minigun, but slows targets it hits. This makes hit-and-run tactics easier to begin, but harder to run away from should you be caught in its fire.
  • Natascha grants 20% damage resistance to the Heavy when he's below 50% health. The Heavy will need to be focused by your team if he is suppressing an important area.
  • Due to Natascha's significantly reduced damage, the more bulky classes can face its user head-on with proper positioning.
  • At long distances, this weapon's slow down has little effect.
Brass Beast
Brass Beast
  • The Brass Beast deals increased damage, making it near impossible to face directly.
  • The Brass Beast takes even longer to spin up than Natascha and brings the Heavy's speed to a crawl. It becomes impossible for him to avoid oncoming fire, especially from the Demoman or Sniper.
  • The Brass Beast grants 20% damage resistance to the Heavy when he's below 50% health. The Heavy will need to be focused by your team if he is suppressing an important area.
  • The Heavy's decreased movement speed encourages him to linger in defensive locations longer. When fighting in enemy territory, take care to not run straight into a Heavy, no matter what weapon he wields.
  • The Tomislav spins up quickly and quietly, making it excel at ambushing.
  • Listen for a rattling noise when approaching corners, which may indicate that a Heavy with the Tomislav lies in wait.
  • Forcing the Heavy to fight in the open will lower his effectiveness, as the Tomislav fires 20% slower than the Minigun.
Huo-Long Heater
Huo-Long Heater
  • If a Heavy revs the Huo-Long Heater, it consumes ammo to deploy a ring of flames. If he is away from the Payload cart or enemy Dispenser, get his attention and stay behind nearby cover to force him to keep his gun spun up, wasting ammunition.
  • Spies can jump over the ring of flames let out by the Huo-Long Heater, making it possible for them backstab the Heavy without being set on fire or losing their Spy-cicle.

Secondary weapons


Weapon Anti-Heavy strategy
Shotgun + reskins
  • A Heavy may switch to the Shotgun when he is moving between areas or his Minigun runs out of ammunition. Take him down before he can prepare his other weapon.
  • The Shotgun is a point-blank-to-medium range weapon and will be ineffective at long range.
  • The Shotgun only has six shots. If the Heavy runs out of shots, keep the pressure up to deter him from switching to his Minigun.
Family Business
Family Business
  • The Family Business has a 33% increased ammo clip compared to the Shotgun (for a total of eight shots), at the cost of doing 15% less damage. This makes constantly pressuring him less effective, but will also make combat beyond close-range less dangerous.
Panic Attack
Panic Attack
  • The Panic Attack deals less damage from a distance and has a bigger dispersion with consecutive shots, but is not affected by random spread, shoots more pellets at once and deploys 50% faster. Keep your distance and force him to keep firing and increase his weapon spread.


  • A Lunchbox item replaces the Heavy's Shotgun, leaving him with one less weapon to attack you with.
  • If a Heavy retreats from a fight, check if he's trying to eat. The distinct "nomming" sound makes him easy to track down.
  • A Heavy is defenseless while eating. If no other enemies are nearby, interrupt his meal and kill him. Many kill taunts are faster than the eating animation and are guaranteed to outdamage the maximum healing of 300.
Weapon Anti-Heavy strategy
Sandvich + reskins
  • The Sandvich slowly restores the Heavy to full health as he eats it, so he may be able to soak up the damage dealt by your attacks. At the very least, harm him enough so that eating the Sandvich was a pointless endeavor. Alternatively, use a kill taunt that is faster than the eating animation.
  • A Heavy can acquire a new Sandvich by picking up a medkit while at full health; take any nearby medkits for yourself or damage him so that he does not receive a brand new Sandvich.
  • A Heavy can throw his Sandvich on the ground for anyone else to pick up in order to regain 50% of their HP instantly. This is commonly done to heal a friendly Medic. Steal the Sandvich yourself or knock his allies away using knock back.
Dalokohs Bar
Dalokohs Bar + reskins
  • The Dalokohs Bar only heals the Heavy for 100 HP and has a cooldown timer of 10 seconds. It increases his maximum Health by 50 for 30 seconds, which can determine the winner of a duel.
  • Compared to the Sandvich, the Dalokohs Bar can be used more often but restores less health. Most significantly, the Heavy cannot use it to heal his allies for as much as the Sandvich.
Buffalo Steak Sandvich
Buffalo Steak Sandvich
  • The Buffalo Steak Sandvich increases the Heavy's speed and damage, but locks him into his melee weapon. Keep a distance if possible.
  • Additionally, it increases the damage the Heavy takes. If he uses its speed boost to reach the front lines and you catch him off guard, it's an easy kill.
  • Like the regular Sandvich, a Heavy can toss his Buffalo Steak Sandvich for others to pick up. Try to deny his allies this healing.
Second Banana
Second Banana
  • The Second Banana recharges much faster than the Sandvich, but only heals 200 health at a time. Counterplay for this item is similar to that of the Sandvich.

Melee weapons

Weapon Anti-Heavy strategy
Fists + reskins
  • The Heavy's slow speed is a disadvantage that can be exploited by faster classes during a melee fight; strafe around him or back up as you attack.
  • The Heavy is the class with the highest health; it will take more hits to take him down, which gives the Heavy more chances to strike you in turn.
Killing Gloves of Boxing
Killing Gloves of Boxing
  • If a Heavy gains the critical hit boost from the K.G.B., stay back until it wears off. If he kills you, your death will just reset the effect's duration.
  • The Heavy can also apply the Crit boost to his other weapons when switched. Quickly decide whether to take him down or temporarily retreat.
Gloves of Running Urgently
Gloves of Running Urgently + reskins
  • A Heavy will usually only have the G.R.U. out while running to a battlefield and will switch weapons once he arrives.
  • The G.R.U. take a long time to holster and make the Heavy drain health by 10 HP per second while active, so try ambushing him while he travels.
  • A Heavy could use the G.R.U. as a means of pursuit. If you realize this, turn around and fight before he switches to another weapon.
Warrior's Spirit
Warrior's Spirit
  • A Heavy using the Warrior's Spirit inflicts and receives 30% more damage, leaving less room for mistakes on both your ends.
  • If a Heavy recently obtained a kill using the Warrior's Spirit, remember that he will have recovered some health.
Fists of Steel
Fists of Steel
  • The Fists of Steel reduce ranged damage, allowing the Heavy to approach the battlefield a bit safer. It increases the time it takes for him to switch weapons, so catching him by surprise is always a good option.
  • The Heavy suffers doubled melee damage while the Fists of Steel are active. Consider charging at him with your melee weapon.
    • If you don't think you can reach him before he switches to his Minigun, you can fake an approach to weapon heckle him or attack with both ranged and melee alongside teammates.
Eviction Notice
Eviction Notice
  • Outside of combat, the Eviction Notice acts as a lesser version of the Gloves of Running Urgently; the speed boost is smaller, but the health drain is lower.
  • In combat, treat the Eviction Notice as if dealing with the default Fists; it attacks twice as fast but deals 60% less damage, making it inflict 20% less damage than the Fists overall.
  • The Eviction Notice gives the Heavy a speed boost on-hit. Slower classes might have trouble avoiding him once he manages to land the first hit.
Holiday Punch
Holiday Punch
  • Don't leave your back exposed; if the Heavy manages to hit your back with the Holiday Punch, you will be stuck laughing in place and will probably suffer a humiliating death.
  • You cannot be forced into an animation while airborne. If you're fighting a Heavy with the Holiday Punch, jump whenever he punches.
  • This weapon's forced-laughter effect can pierce through an ÜberCharge, forcing you to stop while invulnerable. Again, try to jump while the Heavy punches to avoid this.

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