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Kill Icon Weapon Used Logged Event
Leaderboard class scout.png Scout
Killicon bat.png Bat bat
Killicon boston basher.png Boston Basher boston_basher
Killicon candy cane.png Candy Cane candy_cane
Killicon holy mackerel.png Holy Mackerel holy_mackerel
Killicon force-a-nature.png Force-A-Nature force_a_nature
Killicon pistol.png Pistol pistol_scout
Killicon sandman.png Sandman sandman
Killicon sandman ball.png Sandman ball ball
Killicon scattergun.png Scattergun scattergun
Killicon shortstop.png Shortstop short_stop
Killicon home run.png Home Run
(Sandman Taunt kill)
Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier
Killicon black box.png Black Box blackbox
Killicon direct hit.png Direct Hit rocketlauncher_directhit
Killicon equalizer.png Equalizer unique_pickaxe
Killicon rocket launcher.png Rocket Launcher tf_projectile_rocket
Killicon shotgun.png Shotgun shotgun_soldier
Killicon shovel.png Shovel shovel
Killicon kamikaze.png Kamikaze
(Equalizer Taunt kill)
Killicon hhg.png Kamikaze
(Equalizer Taunt kill; Lumbricus Lid equipped)
Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro
Killicon axtinguisher.png Axtinguisher axtinguisher
Killicon backburner.png Backburner backburner
Killicon back scratcher.png Back Scratcher back_scratcher
Killicon deflect arrow.png Deflected arrow deflect_arrow
Killicon deflect arrowhs.png Deflected arrow headshot
Killicon flaming huntsman.png Deflected flaming arrow deflect_huntsman_flyingburn
Killicon sniperriflehs.png Deflected flaming arrow headshot
Killicon deflect flare.png Deflected flare deflect_flare
Killicon deflect grenade.png Deflected grenade deflect_promode
Killicon deflect sticky.png Deflected sticky deflect_sticky
Killicon deflect rocket.png Deflected rocket deflect_rocket
File:Killicon deflected sandman ball.png Deflected Sandman ball suicided
Killicon degreaser.png Degreaser degreaser
Killicon fire axe.png Fire Axe fireaxe
Killicon flare gun.png Flare Gun flaregun
Killicon flame thrower.png Flamethrower flamethrower
Killicon homewrecker.png Homewrecker sledgehammer
Killicon powerjack.png Powerjack powerjack
Killicon shotgun.png Shotgun shotgun_pyro
Killicon hadouken.png Hadouken
(Shotgun & Flare Gun Taunt kill)
Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman
Killicon bottle.png Bottle bottle
Killicon chargin' targe.png Chargin' Targe demoshield
Killicon claidheamh mòr.png Claidheamh Mòr claidheamhmor
Killicon eyelander.png Eyelander sword
Killicon horseless headless horsemann's headtaker.png Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker headtaker
Killicon grenade launcher.png Grenade Launcher tf_projectile_pipe
Killicon loch-n-load.png Loch-n-Load
Killicon scotsman's skullcutter.png Scotsman's Skullcutter battleaxe
Killicon stickybomb launcher.png Stickybomb Launcher tf_projectile_pipe_remote
Killicon scottish resistance.png Scottish Resistance sticky_resistance
Killicon ullapool caber.png Ullapool Caber (Explosion) ullapool_caber_explosion
Killicon ullapool caber explode.png Ullapool Caber ullapool_caber
Killicon decapitation.png Decapitation
(Eyelander Taunt kill)
Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy
Killicon brass beast.png Brass Beast brass_beast
Killicon fists.png Fists fists
Killicon fists of steel.png Fists of Steel steel_fists
File:Killicon g.r.u..png G.R.U. gloves_running_urgently
Killicon iron curtain.png Iron Curtain iron_curtain
Killicon killing gloves of boxing.png K.G.B. gloves
Killicon minigun.png Minigun minigun
Killicon natascha.png Natascha natascha
Killicon warrior's spirit.png Warrior's Spirit warrior_spirit
Killicon showdown.png Showdown
(Fists Taunt kill)
Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer
Killicon frontier justice.png Frontier Justice frontier_justice
Killicon golden wrench.png Golden Wrench
Killicon gunslinger.png Gunslinger robot_arm
Killicon gunslinger triple punch.png Gunslinger (Triple Punch) robot_arm_combo_kill
Killicon jag.png Jag wrench_jag
Killicon pistol.png Pistol pistol
Killicon minisentry.png Combat Mini-Sentry obj_minisentry
Killicon sentry1.png Level 1 Sentry Gun obj_sentrygun
Killicon sentry2.png Level 2 Sentry Gun obj_sentrygun2
Killicon sentry3.png Level 3 Sentry Gun obj_sentrygun3
Killicon shotgun.png Shotgun shotgun_primary
Killicon southern hospitality.png Southern Hospitality southern_hospitality
Killicon wrangler.png Wrangler wrangler_kill
Killicon wrench.png Wrench wrench
Killicon dischord.png Dischord
(Frontier Justice Taunt kill)
Killicon organ grinder.png Organ Grinder
(Gunslinger Taunt kill)
Leaderboard class medic.png Medic
Killicon amputator.png Amputator amputator
Killicon blutsauger.png Blutsauger blutsauger
Killicon bonesaw.png Bonesaw bonesaw
Killicon crusader's crossbow.png Crusader's Crossbow crusaders_crossbow
Killicon syringe gun.png Syringe Gun syringegun_medic
Killicon vita-saw.png Vita-Saw battleneedle
Killicon ubersaw.png Übersaw ubersaw
Spinal Tap
(Übersaw Taunt kill)
Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper
Killicon bushwacka.png Bushwacka bushwacka
Killicon huntsman.png Huntsman tf_projectile_arrow
Killicon huntsmanhs.png Huntsman headshot
Killicon flaming huntsman.png Flaming Huntsman
Killicon deflect flaming arrowhs.png Flaming Huntsman headshot
Killicon flaming huntsman afterburn.png Flaming Huntsman afterburn compound_bow
Killicon kukri.png Kukri kukri
Killicon sniper rifle.png Sniper Rifle sniperrifle
Killicon sniperriflehs.png Sniper Rifle headshot
Killicon sydney sleeper.png Sydney Sleeper sydney_sleeper
Killicon SMG.png Submachine Gun smg
Killicon tribalman's shiv.png Tribalman's Shiv tribal_kukri
Killicon skewer.png Skewer
(Huntsman Taunt kill)
Leaderboard class spy.png Spy
Killicon ambassador.png Ambassador ambassador
Killicon sniperriflehs.png Ambassador headshot
Killicon big kill.png Big Kill
Killicon l'etranger.png L'Étranger letranger
Killicon knife.png Knife knife
Killicon backstab.png Knife backstab
Killicon revolver.png Revolver revolver
Killicon your eternal reward.png Your Eternal Reward eternal_reward
Killicon fencing.png Fencing
(Knife & Your Eternal Reward Taunt kill)
Multiple Classes
Killicon bleed.png Boston Basher Bleed bleed_kill
Southern Hospitality Bleed
Tribalman's Shiv Bleed
Killicon frying pan.png Frying Pan
(Soldier, Demoman)
Killicon lugermorph.png Lugermorph
(Scout, Engineer)
Killicon pain train.png Pain Train
(Demoman, Soldier)
Environmental & Other
Killicon pumpkin.png Pumpkin bombs tf_pumpkin_bomb
Killicon skull.png Being finished off player
Fall damage world
Telefrag telefrag
Suicide suicide
Killicon saw blade.png Saw blades
Killicon train.png Trains