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For the crafting material, see Crafting.
Metal image
Pickup Type: Building & Ammo
Grab some steel boys, they're comin'!
The Engineer

Metal is a resource exclusive and unique to the Engineer and is used in the construction, upgrade, or repair of buildings, and as ammunition for the Widowmaker and Short Circuit. The Engineer spawns with a full supply of 200 Metal. Metal can be acquired through various means, including picking up ammo boxes and pieces of destroyed buildings.


Ammo boxes

All ammo crates have a 10 second respawn time.

  • Small Ammo Pickup: 40 Metal
  • Medium Ammo Pickup: 100 Metal
  • Large Ammo Pickup: 200 Metal
  • Broken Dispenser parts: 10 Metal each, 5 parts per Dispenser, total of 50 Metal.
  • Broken Teleporter parts: 3 parts 6 Metal each, 1 part 7 Metal, per Teleporter, total of 25 Metal.
  • Broken Sentry Gun parts: 3 parts 16 Metal each, 1 part 17 Metal, per Sentry Gun, total of 65 Metal.
  • Broken Mini-Sentry Gun do not return any Metal.
Dropped items
  • Fallen ammo crates from an Engineer (including toolbox): Amount equal to the Engineer's Metal at the time of death up to 100 Metal, with a minimum of 5 Metal.
Other sources
  • Dispensers: can hold a maximum of 400 metal at once; generate Metal every 6 seconds and can dispense an equivalent amount every second (Amount dispensed is reduced by 20% when using the Eureka Effect)
    • Level 1 – produces 40 Metal at once
    • Level 2 – produces 50 Metal at once
    • Level 3 – produces 60 Metal at once
  • Payload carts: produce 40 Metal at once; has an infinite supply
  • Resupply lockers: Refill to maximum of 200 Metal
  • Widowmaker: Metal gained equivalent to damage dealt (Metal gained is reduced by 20% when using the Eureka Effect)
  • Metal Regen upgrade: regenerates 5 * (upgrade level) Metal every 5 seconds
  • Max Metal Capacity upgrade: increases maximum Metal capacity by 100 * (upgrade level), Metal gained from ammo pickups and dropped weapons increases proportionally.
  • Refill Clips and Ammo canteen: Completely refills Metal to maximum capacity.
  • Halloween pumpkins and Christmas gifts refill 50% Metal capacity.


Building maintenance
  • Repairs: 1 Metal for every 3 health points repaired rounded up, max of 33 per swing (100 health)
  • Reloading: 1 Metal for every bullet, 2 Metal for every rocket, max of 56 per swing (40 for bullets, 16 for rockets)
  • Upgrades: 200 Metal per level (100 on Teleporter with the Eureka Effect equipped), max of 25 per swing (50 per swing during Setup)
    • The prioritisation for this is repairing, reloading, then upgrading.
      • Only two of these properties are ever done with 1 swing of the Wrench.
      • If a Sentry Gun's HP is full, but it does not have ammo, it can be upgraded to regain full ammo on the Sentry Gun, assuming that the upgrade level is close to 200.
  • Widowmaker: uses 30 Metal per shot
  • Short Circuit: uses 5 Metal per shot, 65 Metal from alt-fire
  • Rescue Ranger: uses 100 Metal to haul buildings, 1 Metal for each up to 4 damage repair using the bolt.

Related achievements

Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer

Circle the Wagons
Circle the Wagons
Repair 50,000 damage to friendly buildings constructed by other players.

Rio Grind
Rio Grind
Perform 50 repairs and/or reloads on a Sentry gun being Wrangled by another Engineer.
Death Metal
Death Metal
Pick up 10,000 waste metal from pieces of destroyed buildings.

Silent Pardner
Silent Pardner
Upgrade 50 buildings built by other team members.


Ammo Boxes


Dropped items

Other sources

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