Napalm Grenade

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Yer a devil! A devil!
The Demoman on Pyro's choice of grenades

The Napalm Grenade is a scrapped grenade weapon that was to be used by the Pyro. Three unusable Napalm Grenades are worn on the Pyro's belt. Colored gray and yellow-orange, they serve little gameplay purpose other than as a visual aid for players when targeting. The Napalm Grenade was most likely going to function exactly like its counterparts from Team Fortress and Team Fortress Classic, setting enemies on fire after its detonation. The Napalm Grenade was cut from Team Fortress 2 due to Valve's decision to omit grenades from the game.

After the June 2007 build was leaked, an earlier version of the Napalm Grenade was discovered. As it turned out, the grenade was originally a round bomb with a wick.


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