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You are a creepy, mute little bugger, ain't ya?
The Sniper

Creep Mode is an unfinished game mode[1] that appears to be a predecessor of Mann vs. Machine. It is based on Dota 2's idea of "creeps" and "creep waves": groups of hostile creatures that must be killed by players in order to progress and obtain experience points. This gamemode was in development from 2010[2] until an unknown year, likely before work began on MvM. In order for one of the teams to win, all creep waves must be defeated.[3]


Little information is known about this gamemode. The game mode worked with control points of some kind.[4]. "Creep waves" are the core of this game mode, there were 3 waves at 30-second intervals, and an initial 30-second delay.[5]. A levelling system is also presents, killing 6 creeps would level the player up.[6] There's a simple infomation system that could print on a screen who killed creep, what team they're on, the current level of the team, and how many experience points need to reach the next level.[7]


The control points could only be captured[8] or defended by creeps. The creeps use the Heavy Robot model[9] wearing a Cheater's Lament[10], possibly as a placeholder, and can't deal crit damage, similar to MvM bots.[11]

Creeps would use melee weapons, beeline towards enemy targets, as well as juking and dodging in order to avoid interpenetration.[12]. Creeps would run in a "creep wave" towards the next available control point to capture it, but have the ability to detect players within 250 Hammer Units and lose players beyond 300 HU.[13] If there is a closer player, that player will be targeted instead.[14].

Creeps would occasionally say voice lines, such as upon killing or losing a target.[15].

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